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Organized crime.

August 22 2010 at 12:12 PM
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Ralph Hamilton 

Response to Re: Having conscripts means we are providing criminals with military training


Haha 7mile,
all is not lost my love.

You could then have "organized crime" instead of the largely "disorganized crime" that you have at present.

Seriously though. The theory is, National Service would instill a sense of teanwork, discipline, and maybe some work skills. In the Armed Forces, you learn to live with the consequenses of your. Something that the present generation in Australia haven't learnt. They know all their rights, but think that they have no responsibilities.

An example: Four ones in the Townhouses I manage, were acting like half-wits round the pool. They were in breach of the bylaws, and the signage round the pool. So I banned them from the pool, because they would not desist acting in that manner. (If they injured themselves they would then be suing us) Anyway, each time they were reprimanded by me, they would stand almost on my toes, and scream abuse in my face. Eventually, one night, two of them lashed out at me with their fists. So I flattened the two of them. (It only took one hit for each) Proving to them, they were not us tough as they thought, and trying to intimidate an old guy, was not as easy as they thought either. I guess they decided they were in for a "cheap win". (For the record, the four were 17 years old, and I am 66 years old)

They then rang the Police, and claimed I had assaulted them. However, with my usual foresight, I had arranged for a couple of witnesses - concealed in the shadows. So I think that is a pretty fair example of totally undisciplined behaviour.

The theory is that National Service would lessen that type of behaviour. I personally think that may well work in Australia. I don't think it would work in PNG. Maybe if they were put in the ADF, but not in the PNG Army.


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