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the evidence

October 3 2010 at 7:13 PM
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Response to Re: Cancer in the National Fisheries Authority; A Fishy Affair

All the evidence and investigations into NFA have been there for many is the lack of prosecution and accountability..which allows ppl to continue with this cancer - corruption. Steal a bag of rice...go to bomana, steal millions..and it is misappropriation...walk away with a slap on the back.

See this click and others:
An interesting world debate on BBC World, with Global NGO representatives and world leaders on aid effectivness.

One of the conclusions from this BBC debate was... basically - you can have all the good intentions in the world, NGOS and governments keep pouring aid and corporatoins pouring investment into PNG, but unless our leaders are transparent and accountable... we will never progress...instead, a few get rich and effectively kill their fellow citizens...through lack of access to medication for preventable and cureable diseases, clean water, education and better quality of life... Corruption is a cancer that kills (Chief and all the levels of government below them)!!! Wantok system is an excuse...and not the melanesian way..if it means comprimising our future!

Progress is through empowering and supporting the people...Money flooding the econmy doesn't nessesarly equal progress for the benefit of the current and future generations...

It is within the power of politicians to prioritise investment into social and physical infrastructure, and policies that promote and empower people to participate in development and help us acheive our millenium development goals.... It the responsibility of a government to appoint people with the appropriate qualifications and/or do studies so that they make educated decisions for the benefit of the nation down to the grass roots...rather than selfish ones.....lots success has been seen internationally through the private sector and empowering people through small/mediuum enterprises...and micro finanace... Millenium goals are acheivable...with the right leaders, resources and policies....They just have to have the political will!

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