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Divided We Stand, Together We Fall

April 27 2011 at 9:37 AM
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Response to Why We Fail


Personally, i think that with 800+ diffrnt languages, diversified cultures, multiple ethnicity, wantok system na tumbuna pasin such as owning land n superstitions ain't quite healthy for this rich, young nation. We ain't goin' nowhere if we don't compromise these issues. Hv u ever wondered YTF wud 2 diffrnt tribes from Tari, battle in a tribal war that cud stop development from reachin that part of the world? Hv u ever wondered how many buildings, roads n bridges would sprout out if the government had title to the land without worryin about million $ compensation n ****? Hv u ever wondered y highlanders r fightin over coastals to gain power n money? Hv u ever wondered y our sportin arena ain't got no reputation n ****? That's what i mean when i say, eventhough we are 1 big f***** family, we stand in division, nogat wanbel hence 'Divided We Stand, Together We Fall.' And this **** is happenin long b4 i even had this f***** idea to jot it down in this forum.

BTW,It's not healthy to c respondents in this forum tellin other respondents to eat **** or that their ideas ain't right, comeon man, upla olsem ol puppet inside lo parliament session yah. Let's try to respect other people's opinions, ideas, comments n have a logic forum in here, unless they get on ur a** then u go pound 4 pound. Let ur mind become logical instead of emotional.

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