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rugged terrain & all the other disadvantages

May 17 2011 at 9:31 AM
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still too expensive! 

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The point about rugged terrain is that it makes infrastructure building and maintenance so costly that the country itself is unable to produce many things economically. Thus we can't compete in producing goods more cheaply.
The highlands highway is so expensive to maintain and look at how many times parts of it have to be rebuilt compared to highways in dry, flat australia.
Victor has said about sea ports. These only work for quite large cities usually in the millions. In other words, you have to produce something in big enough quantities to pay for the infrastructure and only a quite large city can support this kind of infrastructure base.
We could let POM rise to 5 million but then that would completely destroy rural development and rural people. Right now POM sucks up resources of rural PNG and the rural landowners get close to zilch in return. A bigger POM simply means a bigger parasite. The rest of the world says that the only thing special about PNG are what occurs in our rural areas so why would we destroy the only stuffs that make us special?
We need to get used to the fact that we are a 'last line' in development for a very good reason. We can't win by copying strategies of other countries because they're not staying in place. They're continuing to move ahead and we'll be perpetually in last place if we copycat them.
Take a look at our horrible level of educations compared to developed countries and you'll realize that we're still generations away from possibly being competitive against Singapore, etc etc in terms of human resource development. How can a nation with 6 million people possibly continue to move forward with virtually no libraries, book stores, etc. What other example is there of such an incredibly illiterate population (even including most city people) ever seeing much economic development?

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