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October 12 2011 at 6:09 AM
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Mangi Nating 

Response to Re: Curtain Brothers Racist Company

If Curtain Brothers is doing this, then this is discrimination and should not be allowed to happen.

I suggest you (or someone that you know) do this. I understand that you will be concerned about your job, so you could give the information to someone else to act on your behalf.

Do the following:

1) Write to the three major newspapers - Letters to the Editor (National, Post Courier and Sunday Chronicle).

Here are the email addresses for Post Courier and National. Post Courier > (2) National (You can write directly to them).

2) Email PNG Blog Owners and ask them to write about the topic: Some blogs are those for Malum Nalu (, Masalai ( and PNG Blogs (

3) Inform Roger Hauofa of TalkBack on FM 100 to bring on the Senior Management of Curtain Brothers to answer these allegations.

4) Inform the Labor Department - Secretary of Labor and a formal letter also to the Minister of Labor & Industrial Relations. Your letter should include the fact that this is a discriminatory practice that is RACE-BASED and discriminates against native Papua New Guineans on their own land. Curtain Brothers receives contracts from the Government of PNG and yet discriminates against us.

Department of Labour & Industrial Relations
PO Parliament House
Papua New Guinea

+675 327 7582
+675 327 7480
Hon. Mark Maipakai

5) Name the Expatriate Manager Responsible for this practice and demand his resignation. Bring this issue up with the Unions. The Papua New Guinea Trade Union Congress has around 70,000 members and is headed by John Paska. Organize and then get in touch with him and bring this issue up with him. Demand the resignation of the expatriate manager and the reversal of this policy of APARTHEID that he has instituted.

*** These are some of the first steps that you can take. I urge you to take these steps and not to let this issue rest until that manager is sacked and Curtain Brothers reverses this policy. The reason they have gone ahead with this policy is because they believe they can get away with it. These expatriates know that our people are not organized and just accept whatever is heaped upon them. No more. Act and work with your co-workers and people outside the company to have this reversed.

Finally, get in touch with someone from one of the newspapers that writes articles - check the Post, National and Sunday Chronicle, get in touch with them and ask them to write an article about this clear instance of racism in a large Papua New Guinean company.

If you do not act and just accept this, then nothing will be done. I have laid out some steps for you to take, now the responsibility is yours to act.

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