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Leaders Edge: Change in PNG

November 1 2011 at 3:16 PM
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Leaders Edge:
Change is never a physical thing it is a manifestation of an internal change. When we change from the inside the outside changes. Our perspective on how you view life changes. My father once said, “A tomato gets ripe from the inside first and you see the change on the outside”. Metamorphoses is a process, an inside work.
PNG like other developing countries want s change. (Socio/ economic, political and spiritual change.) We strive for the betterment of human value and dignity. We want Respect, love, peace, equity and tolerance one for another. We value liberty, justice and righteousness as key indicators for our democracy. Among all pursuits for change and development, per suing Human development I believe is the key element to transformation in PNG or any society. Maintaining Change, understanding change and keeping up with change is both a challenge and a discipline.
Change takes place the moment you and I decide to take personal responsible for everything that as happen to us a nation. Let us not blame the government, our leaders past or present, our relatives and friends, or even our parents, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter anybody.
Let us not blame even the circumstances and situations. Blaming others syndrome only disempowers us a people and a nation creating a victim mentality. We must take personal responsible for all that as happen to us as people and nation one way or another. (We are all responsible) We created the mess and we must make the right choice to create the right change we want. As Gandhi puts in well “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Great example: God is Love and love was personified exemplified in the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He never blamed us for our sins or mistakes but took on our sins, shame, guilt and humiliation on himself nailing it to the cross setting us free. Therefore, there is now no condemnation for anyone who is in Christ Jesus and the Bible reveals that fact. We can choose today to live in freedom or live in the power of guilt and shame of yesterday. Freedom and change is a choice and we as individuals have to make that choice today.
There is a story in the bible 2 king 22:11 about a nation’s leader. King Josiah of Israel at that time.
Throughout his thirty-one years of godly leadership, King Josiah wholeheartedly followed the Lord and devoted himself to leading the people well. His own spiritual passion soon began to influence Judah and eventually brought about public reform.
Even today Josiah remains a vivid example of a key biblical principle: Outward reform begins with inward renewal. The leader must experience personal change before he or she can implement public change. Leaders make an impact the same way an atomic bomb does: They implode before they explode. (John Maxwell leadership Bible) Change always is internal and it begins with us.

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