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November 2 2011 at 11:06 AM
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R. Lepatu 

Response to Re: Leaders Edge: Change in PNG

Street man… Excellent contribution
Change is indeed inevitable, it is global phenomenon, we can’t resist , nor can we avert change But we have to flow with change, (accommodate and make the necessary adjustments is the key) A fish that swims in the water is wet anyway and it must learn to flow with current and use it for its advantage to fan for food and survival. Certainly there as to be a paradigm shift and mindset we have to replace. We cannot still be in business and thriving, using yesterday’s methods and out dated technology.
I guess 36 years we have not lost a sense of direction but have learnt better. Our leaders have done well and we need to applaud them. They have given us a great constitution and a great democracy one that we truly can be proud of and one that we can build on. Like all developing nations we have had our fair share of problems (the growing pains of a nation in transition) Yes, a few teething problems here and there but nothing of a major catastrophe in comparison with other countries.
Our political leaders have run their leg of the marathon and have had made their contribution to the development of our country and we can only do better from here on. It’s time and only logical that they pass on the button to the upcoming generation to encourage and build the spirit of true patriotism and promote national interest for the advancement of our country. (That is leadership with a paternal heart) We need Fathers to mentor and encourage the sons and daughters to have a go. For 36 years we have been in primary school it all cool but it’s time to graduate to high school level. We need leaders with fore sight and insight. We need to understand the times and seasons we are in. There are a lot of global uncertainties (Political and economic) that is affecting social cohesion in a society. Homes, families, business, social institutions and infrastructure are affected we see and hear that on the news.
It’s time we stop petty politics, stop taking sides and take a good look at where we are (make our checks and balances) forecast on the big picture. Let us bring to the table our past experiences and new ideas of reforms. Let us create the change we want without stereo type. Let us adopt and assimilate change within our cultural context and social frame work. (This will take time may be a generation to change but let’s give it head start) It’s time we define our values, our ideals as a nation, what are we prepared to die for and what defines us a nation? These are the hard questions but leaders have to answer. We have to know where we heading as a nation. The winds of change are blowing and there is turbulence in the water and our sailing boat (our nation) is sailing along with others and the question is... will we end in the right direction. At end of the day we are responsible to set the sail.

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