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Tokples literacy.

December 6 2011 at 2:05 AM
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Ralph Hamilton 

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Hi MN,
mi wanbel tru mate. English should be the principal language in the schools

However kids' brains are vrey flexible in the language area. I think that losing your plestok is instant loss of culture. They can learn several languages at once. So the various "Plestoks" could be included.

I think you guys realize, that I respect your culture sufficiently to not look at this "keeping of culture" from the old colonial point of view. ie. Keep the natives poor and barefoot, so yone can gawk at them.

By the way MN. Don't be so critical of Tokpisin as "a barstadised language". It has moved on from being the "Trading Language(Lingua Franca) of S.E. Asia".It is a full Creole as it is used in PNG. A vibrant living language. Limited I agree, but fascinating to be part of. I know the original idea was for Tokpisin, was for it to be a stepping stone to full English, and for it to be eventuaally phased out. I feel the advent of such an event, would be unforunate, to say the least.

I have "banged on" at length in another posting on the matter, that PNg cannot afford to not have free and "COMPULSORY" Primary School education, as has Australia. So I will not bore you with that treatise again. I could write for hours on that matter. (Another task for my imminent {not eminent hehe} retirement no?) I also realize (raised three kids) that "free" education is not/never totally free.

Sampela ting ting bilong mi......Ralph.

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