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How can we solve our problems?

January 26 2012 at 12:36 AM
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M Saweri 

A year ago i posted the question, how can we improve our country. There were good arguments that have circulated throughout the threads but what i have read makes me more skeptical and quite disconsolate at our future. Many of the people posting wrote, this is too hard and too expensive, they argued that our terrain is too rugged and we spend too much money on imports etc, it saddens me that we think things are too hard. The US grew remarkably because there was not the attitude of 'it's-too-hard-leave-it-alone' but the 'how-can-i-make-it-better", PNG people lack the can-do attitude that makes other countries so successful, i have an idea of how we can get PNG on track in the next 10 - 20 years, but how am i going to get it implimented? The answer seems obvious, stand for a membership into the house of assembly. Although i stand a very poor chance at the moment. Our ideas and our solutions need to be put to a member of parliament who is a can-do man/woman, not a paper-pusher.

I've learnt in practical medicine, when something needs to be done but you don't have the right equipment you have to improvise.

Our terrain is difficult and dangerous, the landslide at Komo (24/01/12) proved this, but we have people who thrive on problem solving, who have lived with such a huge poverty gap that kid's know how to build their own toys, PMV drivers know how to patch up the PMV whatever the problem. Sometimes our solutions are not elegant or even practical but often they work due to the vigil we keep as our own bread and butter is riding on it.

Our elite are very conscious of the services that are around them, but i know a lot of Drs want to serve the populations outside POM and other major centres. But many don't want to get stuck where there is no good school for their children. So a good int'l school is built and all of a sudden the Dr comes, businesses see this opportunity and follow. We need to provide the impetus that allows this migration.

So how can we solve the problems we face in this our homeland?

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