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  • Re: Is China a threat to PNG and the Pacific Islands?
    • Anonymous
      Posted Apr 15, 2006 2:57 PM

      Some responses to your comments, cowgirl!

      Response to Re: Is China a threat to PNG and the Pacific Islands?
      just add to your discussions..

      # No one want to be a teaboy in his/her own realm.

      # Foreign companies are very much needed in PNG; because:
      - PNG has a very low capital and cannot invest in resources exploitations herself. We tried to manage and cordinate our resources and finance through state-owned corporations but failed with mismanagement and corruption. Classic examples are now gone Orogen Minerals and MRDC which was hit with funds squandering, Kakaraya-era is the classic controversy.
      - PNG need foreign capital and investment - competition is needed to make the economy function.
      - We need job markets with good pays for our citizens.

      So what you're saying is that we're incapable of success, that we'll only fail when we try to do this ourselves?
      Why are we getting foreign capital and investment from other DEVELOPING countries. China and Malaysia had hardly any capital themselves only a generation ago. Why on earth do you feel that we're incapable of amassing our own capital?
      By the way, where are all the good paying jobs for our citizens that all the foreign companies that have ALREADY come to PNG provided? I see that all of them, yes all of them, reserve the great majority of their high paying jobs for their own citizens. They appoint a few Papua New Guineans as black faces at the front desk, and pay them good to serve in this puppet role (many probably willingly mimic whatever line is the foreign line of reasoning, irrespective of whether it makes sense from a longterm PNG development perspective).

      # Foreign companies with strong cashflows are welcome. PNG need infrastructuce development, we need to explore these resources and improve our standard of living.

      Cowgirl, Bart Philemon himself said that our standard of living has gone down by over half in the last 15 years. During this same 15 years, we had more foreign investment than we did the 15 years before that, and just look at the billions and billions and billions of kina worth of timber, oil, copper, and gold that have left PNG forever. So please tell me, cowgirl, in view of those realities, how exactly you see that you're going to get what you're wishing for with more of the same?

      # Bribery exists everywhere, it all stops with our national officials who are dealing with these foreign companies, if they duly step on the laws and deal strictly with foreign companies, resources exploration in PNG will be a win-win deal for PNG and investors.

      Bribery exists everywhere BUT not at the same levels. That's the big difference. You also said IF -- IF they duly step on the laws, IF they deal strictly with foreign companies. How, exactly, do you propose that they will start doing this, when they have gotten worse and worse about it as more and more foreign investment and companies have moved into PNG to take our resources and ship them overseas for processing? HOW?

      # But if bribery is entertained by certain top officials - our resources will be cheaply exploited. Gone the resources; landowners, our environment, the government and its people will be abandoned with depressed crater pits.

      Yes cowgirl, this is the reality. More foreign companies and more foreign investment at this point is going to lead to even more of the same. Why is it that Malaysia and China, both poor, poor, poor developing countries a generation ago, have managed to develop their resources themselves? Why is it that you write as if we are incapable of doing this? Is it okay with you that we continue to get a few toea only, for every kina's worth of processed resources that we allow to leave our country? Is it okay with you that we have become a foreign aid donor to China, Malaysia, and a number of other countries by selling them resources for a few toea, so that they can generate a kina by processing those resources?

      Why is this okay with you that we continue to get foreign investment and foreign companies to export unprocessed resources to the countries of those companies, so that our PNG resources help THEIR development more than ours?
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