Ack, so close

by Charis (no login)


Nice job, you did well getting that deep with what you had. And yes, for normal diff, 124 AC is good until the toughest knights, rogs and drakes. The gold sword is nice, but you were just about to lose stun ability, if you hadn't already. When the warr goes substun, he's toast unless dex is way high.

BTW... there's a DIRECT correspondance in AI you might find useful:
Flesh Clan...Succubi
Stone Clan...Snow Witch
Fire Clan....Hell Spawn
Night Clan...Soul Burner

So yes, the Spawn do react different from the lower two. Actually, Kshira and I did some cats testing of your Flintstones post, and we saw ur behaviour, except the two slots to take are Wilma and BETTY, not Wilma and Barney. If they can see Barney from inside the room, their chance of coming through the door into walk-lock is small - but it did occur. Now with Stone and Flesh Clan, these tricks did NOT work well when Cy and I tried it, they would always see Barney and never ever come out of the room. At best, one warrior would stay at Wilma and the other would run back and forth from Betty to Barney, where he would swing at door and sometimes catch one.
Bottom line- Fire+Night and Stone+Flesh, as well as Succ+Snow and Spawn+Soul, have different characteristics.


PS If you can't tell, I rather love the names for those slots-- Betty, Barney (hinge), block, Fred and Wilma. Unambigious, which dense heads like me need. "One step 'out'" just doesn't cut it for me.

Posted on Apr 7, 2000, 11:37 AM
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  1. Thanks for testing this out.... Friar.Fuk, Apr 7, 2000, 2:53 PM

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