An Ironman Quiz for SINGLEPLAYER Games

by Esau (no login)

1. What is the maximum number of red and blue potions you can carry with you to an Eldritch shrine?

2. The Thaumaturgical shrine recloses all opened chests. Now revisit these chests. True or False:

a.) the chests can drop money
b.) the chests can drop potions
c.) the chests can drop regular items
d.) the chests can drop magic items
e.) the chest may be trapped

3. Tell if the following creatures can open doors or not:

a.) Plague Eaters ( a form of Scavenger)
b.) Gloom Fangs ( a form of Bat)
c.) Gharbad the Weak

4. What KIND of staff is the Staff of Lazarus, and what are its Strength and Dexterity prerequisites to hold/ready? Does it do any special kind of damage?

5. What creatures do NOT appear at the edge of your vision even though you have activated an infravision scroll and can see other creatures even FURTHER away?

6. You strike a barrel, which explodes, and a monster behind it dies as a result of the barrel’s explosion. You still get the experience from the kill. True or False?

7. Diablo’s Apocalypse-like spell will damage the durability of which of the following:

a.) Readied armors (hats, body armor,and shields)
b.) Readied weapons
c.) Armors in your inventory
d.) Weapons in your inventory

8. In Ironman, you are allowed a SINGLE interaction with the townsfolk at the game beginning, and then must never interact with them again during the course of the game. Would you be able to successfully complete a SINGLE player ironman while strictly following this rule? Why or why not?

9. You cast Telekinesis, and then find out there is nothing to pick up. If you click on empty air you do not lose the mana needed to cast the spell. True or False?

10. Choose the correct effect of triggering a Gloomy shrine

a.) Readied armor +2 AC; readied weapon -1 damage
b.) Readied armor +2 AC; ALL weapons (even in inventory) -1 damage
c.) ALL armor (even in inventory) +2 AC; readied weapon -1 damage
d.) ALL armor (even in inventory) +2AC; ALL weapons (even in inventory) -1 damage.


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  1. um.. I guess I'll be first! ;). Darkman, Jun 16, 2001, 8:56 AM

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