Roede and Taoni: Raising the Team Ironman Bar Another Notch?

by Esau (Login Esau)

This account details more adventures of Roede and Taoni, Classic Diablo Ironman Warrior and Rogue.

Previously the two had defeated normal Diablo on April 25, 2001. Then I, not knowing that there were rules governing going on to Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels, deleted my rogue character since my multiplayer character creation slots were full. Ach, you live, you learn.

But I had all the confidence in the world that Roede and I could do it again, and in a snap! Cause we were baaaaad! Way bad! So bad!

After another month and a half, over 12 games, and a humbling loss on dungeon level SIX, I began to wonder if our first win had been a fluke. Yeah, it sure seemed that we were bad. REAL bad!

Awful, in fact!

And the loses hurt a lot. On one game we made it to level ten, and even I even had Flamedart (which helped win our first game), only to succumb to Chaoshowler and his minions. No problemo, our faithful warrior will res me when.....Mr. Murphy? Is that you? Don’t touch that internet connection! No! NO! ARGH! The game crashed, booting us both out. No chance for a res, no
chance for a restart. Game Over. Then there was the time when we were starting on level seven. Roede brings in his wizard to clear out 5 and 6, sends me a TP near the stairs down. I take it, set a TP of my own, and he leaves to bring in his warrior. As the warrior enters the game, the enemies on level six “respawn” and attack! Stone Clan Mace Goats! They lead me on a merry chase, and though I do not die, the game is now useless to pursue, as they have given me extra experience at my low character level, meaning I will level up quicker than a legit game would have me do so. Sigh We have to start again, through no fault of our own! Curse you, Murphy! Then there was the Short Battle Bow that Leo dropped that turned out to be a Bow of Swiftness! Oh man, oh man! This thing could clean out Hell/Hell! But no, I leave it in town to “save” it’s durability for the lower levels, and Blightfire and his minions and Mr. Murphy AND the Lag Beast ended our dreams of conquest on dungeon level 7.

All I can say is, ouch. And I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll EVER see Hell again!

So after these 12 more game starts, and 12 more “learning experiences” (i.e., loses), we start our 13th game with no illusions, no false confidence, and subdued hopes.

And game number 13 proves remarkable in some aspects of its un-remarkability. No Purifying Spring. No Blood Fountain. No awesome bow. No terrific staff. . No great book drops. Lousy shrines!

However, we got three extremely unusual and lucky item drops. Read on for the Leoric prize, which was probably the most important drop of the entire game. And then note the two Uniques, the sword and shield, that both appeared this game. The weakness of one is compensated for by the other, and vice-versa! Either wielded alone has a somewhat “cursed” attribute playing a factor, but when readied simultaneously they form an awesome combination, which our warrior used to --dare I say it? --“stunning” effect!

We played our typical, consistent,conservative “bait -and-trap” gamestyle. And it was “Level done?” “Yup, clear for me.” “Ready?” “Ready.” Onward, downward, rinse, repeat.

So this once again is the story of Roede and Taoni, veteran ironmen, their trials and tribulations, as they conquered Classic Diablo in ironman fashion. In Normal Difficulty. And ventured for the first time into Nightmare Difficulty!

Here’s how it went.

Posted on Aug 4, 2001, 7:29 PM
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