Britney Queers



Britney Spears is a fake manufactured piece of garbage. The sick old men that produced her into the kiddie-porn depicting slut she is and her stupid child-exploiting bitch whore of a mother should be shot. While Britney's mom is off ****ing around with Britney and her money, who's raising Brit's kid sister? People wonder why Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson are so stupid, because their moms were dragging them around to auditions and **** when they should have been in school getting an education. I am not trying to be funny but Britney and Jessica only have an 8th grade education!!! Does that sink in? How could you ever expect anything remotely intelligent to come out of their mouth? Britney Spears can't sing, PERIOD. She doesn't write her music, create her choreography, and can't look half-way decent without her hair extentions and extremely talented make-up artist. I saw her at a NFL game before she was super-famous and she has terrible skin. She is already fading out and when she hits 30 she will be a has-been like Madonna was back in 98. Then she'll disappear for a few years and will be so desperate for the lime-light she'll pose for PLAYBOY. What kind of girl would date a man that would leave a pregnant girl-friend and 2 year old daughter to be with someone who cheated on her boyfriend? That's a situation straight out of a trailer park. Britney had to buy her own engagement ring (at $40,000) and she won't sign a pre-nuptial agreement. This could be what all Britney-Haters have been waiting for. This fag Kevin Federline will marry Brit, then divorce her ass and take half her money and earnings. I will laugh my ass off. If this doesn't prove she's stupid, then all you Britney-Lovers must share one brain with her.

Posted on Jul 10, 2004, 12:38 AM

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  1. no. samantha, Jan 14, 2006

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