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Organizational Structure

October 5 2001 at 8:31 PM
Rey Carolino 

Here is my SUGGESTED game plan for the BalikPaete. This is just a suggestion to get our brainstorming ideas coming.. So please feel free to throw in your ideas and suggestions.

1. We, as a group, will set-up the main agenda for the BalikPaete as well as the date of the reunion.

2. We will select an Executive Committee (EC) who will formulate the detailed specific plans on how to implement our desired agenda at our set date. The EC will consist of 12 members coming from:

1. Representative of the PI NorhEast Chapter
2. Representative of the PI Midwest Chapter
3. Representative of the PI Northern California chapter
4. Representative of the PI Southern California chapter
5. Representative of the PI Canada chapter (for Eastern Canada)
6. A delegate from the Middle East (to be endorsed by the PI-UAE
7. A delegate from the Western Canada region (British Columbia, Calgary, etc)
8. A delegate from the PI Florida area
9. A delegate from Europe
10. A delegate living in Paete (to be chosen by the PI-Paete chapter) 11. A delegate from Paetenians anywhere in the Philippines but living outside Paete. 12 A delegate from the rest of the Asia/Pacific region.

Did I miss any major concentration of Paetenian folks? Let me know if I did and I apologize for the omission.

Requirements for becoming a member of the EC:

(a) must have Internet and email access- coz meetings will be done in cyberspace, thatÂ’s why.

(b) must register for a YahooID- to allow them to access the POLLing area of YahooGroups- when they vote on certain issues.

3. We will create a YahooGroups for the exclusive use of the EC where all their communications/correspondences/polling will be archived to serve as minutes. The EC's YahooGroups will not be accessible by the public. However, any Paetenian who wanted to be up to date with the EC's activites can be admitted to their YahooGroups as silent members (ie, they can read messages being sent and view polling results-- but they can't post messages and vote in the EC polls).

4. EC will elect the following officers from amongst themselves:

- Chairman: who will schedule and chair all the online meetings (possibly using the YahooGroups private chat room or Netmeeting whichever is most convenient to the members). Chairman does not vote in the EC poll, except in the event of a tie.

- Vice Chairman: who will take over the Chairman's role in his/her absence.

- Secretary - send meeting notices and keep minutes of meetings.

5. A Treasurer will be chosen by the EC. The Treasurer may not necessarily be an EC member. It is preferable that he/she lives within commuting distance of the EC Chairman-- so that they can co-sign any fund disbursements. The Treasurer will be responsible for the preparation of the BalikPaete Financial Statements.

6. EC will open a Bank Account in one of the 5 largest banks in the US
(hint: yong siguradong hindi ma-babankrupt!) with a correspondent bank in the Philippines. All reunion funds will be deposited to this account. Disbursements on the account will be signed by the Chairman and any one of the EC members or the Treasurer.

7. An Auditor will be chosen by us. The Auditor will vouch the Financial Statements prepared by the EC Treasurer. All bank statements, cancelled cheques, etc. must be sent by the bank directly to the Auditor for verification purposes before they are sent to the Treasurer for safekeeping. Quarterly Financial Statements duly signed by the Treasurer, the Chairman and the Auditor will be posted in the BalikPaete website. The Statements will consist of at least a Balance Sheet and an Income and Expense Statement.

Comments, suggestions, recommendations, criticisms-- they are all welcome!

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