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Chartered/Group Airfare

October 13 2001 at 10:41 AM
Rey Carolino 

Ang sabi ni Abel Madrinan sa SURVEY FORM ng Balik Paete 2004:

> If there is enough number of Paetenians coming
> home from the USA- do you think it would be
> possible for us to "hire" an airplane- by
> meeting in one specific destination -
> let's say in LAX Airport and maybe we can
> save some bucks? PAL usually is a good one
> plus it's "patriotic" for us to do
> so. Just an idea- what do you think?

I think that is a good idea, Abel.

Paging our kababayans in the airline industry: Allen Villarin, Art Carolino, Emil Carolino, Gunnar, Caloy Caguin-- sino pa baga? Posible baga itong suggestion
ni Abel? Please give us info.

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Tom and Cia Altamero

Plan #2

October 13 2001, 10:42 AM 

The idea of a chartered plane is great if we get sufficient number of passengers to cover whatever the minimum requirement is. This is Plan #1.

If plan #1 does not work out, we need to have a Plan #2. We suggest that we go as a group round trip. There is a minimum number of passengers that comprise a group to entitle the group to a discount, I believe. This requirement is easier to meet than the chartered plane requirement. Paetenians associated or affiliated with the travel industry should be able to give us the full dope on this matter.

PAL is good, but I would go for any airline that will give us the biggest price break. Baka naman mabigyan tayo ni Mr. Lucio Tan ng offer that we cannot refuse. Perhaps, a letter can be drafted addressed to him. Being the top banana, he has the final word. Let's go to the top. We have nothing to lose, except the cost of the postage stamp and the stationery.

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Rey Carolino

I like your idea

October 13 2001, 10:44 AM 

Palagay ko nga ay mas feasible yong Group Fare- kaysa yong chartered flight. Kasi ilan baga ang minimum required for a chartered flight to Manila? At saka kung chartered flight yata ay kailangan ay chartered flight din yong pabalik, di baga? Medyo may problema tayo doon- dahil even though pwede tayong mag-sabay sabay umuwi-- sa pagbalik ay malabong mangyari dahil may mag-iistay ng one week, two weeks, one month at siguro ay mayroon pang forever.

Pero kung malaking di-hamak ang matitipid natin sa chartered flight (may idea ka baga, Mang Tom?) ay baka pwede nating i-market iyon sa mga non-Paetenians who are flying home also during that period-- and then lagyan natin ng konting mark-up ang presyo - para maidagdag sa pondo natin sa BalikPaete. Pwede kaya yon?

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Tom and Cia Altamero

You hit the nail right on the head, again.

October 13 2001, 10:46 AM 

Chartered flight vs. group flight?

Well, we should base our decision to choose on which gives us the better deal. I have no quarrel with any choice as long as it gives the most benefit to our organization. One thing we can say is that travelling as a group (whether charter or not) is more fun than travelling individually. The excitement generated during such a trip could be a warm-up for the big event that everybody is anticipating in our mother town of Paete. Let us not allow this stupid and personification of the satanas himself, bin Laden, and his cohorts to dampen the Paetenian spirit. No way, oSAMA. Talagang maSAMA kang tao. Ikaw baga ay tao? (Ha-ha-ha).

One thing good about planning a big project well ahead of time as we are doing now is that we can dissect, analyze our plans without rushing, which could lead to hasty and not well-thought of conclusion or decision. There may be other worthy ideas out there.

We will depend a great deal on the expertise of the travel professionals in our group on this aspect of our project.

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Rey Carolino

People who fly together, laugh together

October 13 2001, 10:57 AM 

> One thing we can say is that travelling as a group
> (whether charter or not) is more fun than
> travelling individually.

Exactly. Lalo na pag kasama sa flight sina Conrad Caiyod, Oyik, Jet, Mandy, TonyVal, at yong iba pang mga kalog ng grupo.

> Let us not allow this stupid and personification
> of the satanas himself, bin Laden, and his
> cohorts to dampen the Paetenian spirit.

Eh, pag tayong mga Paetenians ang laman ng eroplano ay hindi uubra ang mga terorista ni Osama- lalo na kung nandoon sa flight si Vlander Villanueva the boxer at si Ayang Baet the arnis de mano expert-- siguradong lilipad sa bintana ng eroplano ang mga damuhong yon. Saka pag nakita pa lang nila si Gunnar sa eroplano, ay magdadalawang isip na yong mga yon <lol>

> We will depend a great deal on the expertise
> of the travel professionals in our group on
> this aspect of our project.

Gunnar, do you have any ideas about these chartered/group flights?

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Tom and Cia Altamero

Trans-Pacific flight

October 13 2001, 1:50 PM 

Trans-Pacific flight is usually pretty boring in an airplane. But with a group like above, "all hell will break loose" (lol). Plus pagkumanta si Lee with her guitar accompaniment, mesmerized sigurado ang lahat na pasahero.

Pag-inawit ni Fred yong "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", it will, no doubt, bring the house (not the airplane-lol)down. The aircraft will turn into a mini-Broadway extravaganza with an all-star cast.

Sana walang manggugulo sa eroplano-dahil kung nandiyan si Samson, sa pangalan lang ay siguradong manginginig na ang tuhod nila. Kung ipagtatuloy naman nila ang kalukuhan ay nandiyan si Garimot Baet. He will provide us with a one-man show on how to handle bad boys, even with his one hand tied behind his back, kayang kaya niya sila. A word of warning to bad guys - stay home and spare yourself the ire of an enraged and scorned Paetenian.

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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Lee Quesada


October 13 2001, 5:05 PM 

hehehehehe! thanx, kang tom!

baka sa kanta ko magcrash yong roplano.


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Gunnar Emausson

My two cents

October 14 2001, 6:23 AM 

Let me start by saying that I'm not really a specialist on air transport, i.e. matters like chartering aircraft etc. are not in my field. My specialty is air navigation, which deals with operations and airworthiness, air traffic management, airside ground infrastructure, accident investigation and prevention, aeronautical information services, etc. But I'll nevertheless give my two cents worth..............

My feeling is that if an aircraft were to be chartered, it would mean lots of headaches for the person(s) involved in managing this, unless it were a real professional in the travel business with good business contacts in North America as well as in the Philippines. Perhaps planning this via a travel agency would be slightly higher in price, but the financial risks involved in chartering an aeroplane should not be underestimated. Doing this via a travel agency would most likely also make possible some flexibility, which could be an advantage. Everyone would not necessarily have to make the return trip at the same time. And since not all Paetenians have their entire family in Paete or even in Laguna, but many have in-laws and friends all over the Philippines, I'm sure that a good number of people would need to stay longer than others in order to fulfil their social obligations to their kinfolk in other locations.

But organizing this via a travel agency, and enquiring with several companies in order to create some competition, would not cost an awful lot more than chartering, IMHO.

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Rey Carolino

Good point, Gunnar

October 14 2001, 6:33 AM 

However, I still am curious to find out what the procedures are and what the cost will be of chartering a flight.. just so we will have an idea of the costs and its associated risks and decide whether the price saving we get from chartering an airplane is not worth all those risks and headaches.

Fred/Monching- can you possibly inquire from Allen Villarin if he has any ideas about the procedures and cost of chartering a flight to and from Manila?

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Susan "Jet" Caguin

Sagot namin ni Baby Pascual

October 17 2001, 10:02 AM 

Don't worry, basta't may kamukha si Bin Laden na sumakay, papagitnaan namin ni Baby Pascual , hindi sanay makakita ng mga singit yung mga yun' so we'll gonna show them some then maghahalinhinan kami sa pagtayo and make our way out to the aisle with our butts sticking up against their face pag hindi naman nakalimutan nila yung missions nila ewan ko na! eh di kami ni Baby ang makaka mission accomplish!



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Tom and Cia Altamero

Tama ka, Jet

October 20 2001, 7:23 AM 

Hindi nila nakikita ang singit ng mga babae dahil balut na balut sila from head to toe. Kinakapa lang nila. (Paano ko alam yon? Hula lang) Baka naman maghuramentado ang mga dimonyong yan kung ginawa ninyo ang balak ninyo-mga may katok yan kaya unpredictable ang behavior nila.

Sana makakuha kami ng malapit na upuan sa loob ng eroplano para may ringside view kami. Ang suggestion namin ay dalhin ni Baby and mga golf clubs niya. Habang tinitigan nila ang butts ninyo, palo naman kami ng palo sa ulo ng mga lintik na yan with the golf clubs. Problem solved.

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October 20 2004, 6:27 PM 

Hi Jet
Hinahanap ka nang ka officemate mo na si Cora Parungao. Remember her.
email mo ako kung ikaw si Susan na wife ni Vedasto Caguin.

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