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July 10 2002 at 9:30 PM
Rey Carolino 

203 people are participating based on survey sheets submitted by the 66 respondents below. The only question is WHEN in 2004. If you want your preferred reunion date to be counted in the vote, please fill-up our online survey at:

The Mayor's secretary has told me that Mayor Afurong is supporting the reunion and I will request them to help us with the Picnic sa Tatlong Krus and the Dinner Dance. Ka Noel promised me that she and Vero Adao will coordinate the booking of the Reunion Resort (the choice of which will depend on the number of participants so we really need you to fill-up that survey form- ITS A MUST!). He said he will also help us arrange for the Basketball exhibition game between the reunionist (with Allan Caidic as a possible team captain) versus a Filipino celebrity selection (that might include Christopher De Leon whom Nemie Diaz is currently chasing). We will talk to the PES, Liceo and ELC principals to help us set up our planned school reunions. Nemie has contracted a production crew in the Philippines to shoot a Paete documentary film that we can premiere during the reunion. If you have any suggestions for the documentary or if you want your name to show as sponsors of this documentary film in its credit lines, please email me.

Here is the list of people who have so far submitted the Survey Form. If you don't see your name in the list, please send us your survey sheet ASAP so you will get the best seats in all our events. If the Gala premiere and the Basketball Exhibition Game will have limited seatings, people who filled-up the Survey Forms first will be given priority! I am taking note of the date the survey sheets are being submitted so ACT NOW to lock up your seats!:

1 Abary, Ramon
2 Acala, Carlos Valdez
3 Adea, Jun and Luchie
4 Afuang, Andrew
5 Afurong, Ernesto Phaern
6 Afurong, Julian B.
7 Alberto, Teodoro T.
8 Asido, Maximar Joseph Caancan
9 Bagabaldo, Maribel Q.
10 Basa, Angelito "Tito"
11 Basa, Tony
12 Basilan, Rogelio S.
13 Baysauli, Wilfredo A.
14 Bernardo, Patricio Dans
15 Cadang, Leo
16 Cadawas, Mark Anthony Rivera
17 Cadayona, Noel B.
18 Cagahastian, Aurelio C.
19 Cagandahan, Emil A.
20 Cagandahan, Maria
21 Cagandahan, Menchie
22 Cagandahan, Protacio
23 Cagandahan, Ric & Glenda
24 Cagayat, Fred M.
25 Caguin, Carlos D.
26 Caguin, Susan "Jet"
27 Caiyod, Fidel C
28 Cajumban, Diana Marfil
29 Carolino, Emil and Jenny
30 Carolino, Joseph Quesada
31 Carolino, Rey and Tina
32 Castro, Victoria B.
33 Chiasson, Florencia Balandra
34 Cruz, Lourdes B.
35 Dalagan, Edilberto (Berting) F.
36 Dantoc, Joe
37 Diaz, Nemie Baldemor
38 Dios, Angel C. de
39 Dulay, Saida Cagandahan
40 Emausson, Elena & Gunnar
41 Fadul, Ermie
42 Fresnido, Eddie Boy S.
43 Gagaring, Frank H.
44 Gagaring, Pastor B.
45 Jucaban, Thelma Mendoza
46 Kagahastian-Candelaria, Anne Lan
47 Madrinan, Abel C.
48 Madrinan, Virgil G.
49 Marfil, Jennifer
50 Martinez, Aurea (Oya) Villamater
51 Navarro, Sofronio
52 Navarro, Ver
53 Paelmo, Phil
54 Quesada, Lee
55 Quesada-Catiis, Nora
56 Rivera-Manuel, Chris
57 Roque, Raul C.
58 Salaber, Cristina Cajipe
59 Sunga, Odette Fadul
60 Tiongco, Ampy Cagayat
61 Valdecantos, Lourdes M.
62 Valdellon, Nancy Baldemor
63 Valdellon, Renato C
64 Veranga, Betty N.
65 Villamayor-Fadul, Millicent
66 Villanueva, Yolanda G.

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Nemie Diaz


July 11 2002, 1:44 PM 


The scripwriter is included with the package deal that I've got. What we need are some materials and people who have a great knowledge of our "paete" history.

I've just talked with the people who will handle the production just a while ago. They will send me the Procost (Production cost). They will tell me when they need the money. I think everyone should know how much money we need for this. You can reveal it Rey. I'll let you know the development.



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Mark Cadawas

Re: Scriptwriter

July 11 2002, 1:45 PM 

List of some People I can suggest for an interview:

- Lino Dalay, Samahang Buwig (scriptwriter and director from Paete, when it comes to history of Paete, he knows "something", and that something is a lot of help)

- Mr. Licenio Adao, Principal of San Antonio Abad Mont, (historian, he can be a good source of both church and town's history)

- Ka Noel (wala akong masabi, alam niya lahat!)



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Noel Cadayona

Re: Re: Scriptwriter

July 11 2002, 1:46 PM 

Sabi ni Indoy: " Ka Noel (wala akong masabi, alam niya lahat!)"

LOL! Indoy, anong palagay mo sa akin, si Ernie Baron. You forgot one guy who is very knowledgeable, Mr. Nel Africano. Kumpare ko yan kaya saludo ako riyan.

I strongly recommend Nel. He is one of the very knowledgeable person about our history. He is also a good friend of Frank Rivera, Internationally known theater and movie director and script writer. I'm sure Nel knows his tel no.


Ka Noel

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Nemie Diaz

Paete Documentary Film

July 11 2002, 1:47 PM 

Sabi ni Nemie:

> The scripwriter is included with
> the package deal that I've got.

That's great, Nemie. Pero kung mapapayag ni Connie si Felix Dalay (tama baga?) na mag TY sa script-- eh di baka makabawas pa tayo sa presyo ng deal? O kung hindi man ay di baka naman two scriptwriters are better than one. Especially if one of them is tubong Paete.

> What we need are some materials and people
> who have a great knowledge of our "paete" history.

Don't forget Kang Maring and Ver Madrinan-- they are our online Paeteniana Encyclopedia! Fred/VerMad- kailangan ni Nemie ng kopya ng PAETE Book ni Dr. Quesada para maipahiram niya sa scriptwriter... Pwede kayang ipahiram ninyo yong kopya ninyo kay Nemie?

> I think everyone should know how much
> money we need for this. You can reveal it Rey.

Yong deal ni Nemie ay kasama na lahat-- director, scriptwriter, cameraman, lightings, transporation and meals, etc.. At saka yong editing (ano pa baga nemie?)... Ang normal rate nila ay more than Peso 200,000 daw sabi ni Nemie. Pero dahil may kasamang LOL (labor of love daw yon according to Nemie!)-- pumayag sila na ibigay sa atin for only P85,000... Saan natin kukunin ang pera? Saan pa e di sa bulsa ninyo mga kababayan ko <lol>... Pero siguradong masusulit natin yon sa sponsor advertisements, pag bebenta ng video at saka sa GALA PREMIERE NIGHT sa BalikPaete... Kaya kung meron sa inyong pwedeng mag-advance ng pera sa hihingin nilang deposit.. Malaman namin, hane? Para masimulan na natin at ng umabot sa deadline. Btw, doon sa mga hindi nakakaalam... Maraming contact si nemie sa movie producers sa atin dahil dati siyang personal assistant ni Christopher De Leon, one of our guests at the BalikPaete (ayan, Nemie- na-commit ko na si Boyet, huwag mo akong pahihiyain hane?).

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Rey Carolino

Family Reunion

July 11 2002, 1:55 PM 

I was looking at the comments on the Survey Forms and majority of the suggestions was to include a FAMILY REUNION date in the week-long schedule.

I am therefore thinking of revising the schedule and have a FAMILY day that we can do in the PES for example... We'll book one room for the CAROLINO CLAN, one for the QUESADA CLAN, one for the BALDEMOR, the CAGAYAT, etc. Para naman yong maraming family connection ay free to move from one clan to another. Comments please.

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Bahj Basa

Re: Family Reunion

July 11 2002, 1:56 PM 

Sana sama-sama na lang lahat para mas masaya. Baka kasi magkanya-kanya.

Siguro maganda sa Covered court ng PES. Malaki iyon.
Tapos yong bawat clan ay may kanya-kanyang room na
malapit sa covered court

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Abel Madrinan

Re: Family Reunion

July 11 2002, 1:57 PM 

Rey- your idea is excellent- maybe we can mix it, too, with Bahj Basa's suggestion- just ONE happy family-together again!!!

Regards, Abel

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Rey Carolino

Re: Re: Family Reunion

July 11 2002, 2:01 PM 

that's exactly what i had in mind.. have the reunion in the PES where we can have a GENERAL usloan in a big hall (or outside) with programs and parlor games.. then at lunch we'll break out into the individual
FAMILY rooms for a more intimate time with our relatives. Maybe we should do this on the day of the DINNER DANCE event? let's hear your ideas please.

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