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BalikPaete 2004 Schedule

July 29 2002 at 7:07 PM
Rey Carolino 

Nagtanong si Ver Madrinan sa Paetenians Mailing List:

> 1. What is the preferred date for Balik
> Paete 2004 of those surveyed?

Here is the present Survey summary results:

Total number of people who filled up the survey: 73
Total number of people attending the reunion: 228

Reunion First Choice:
1. Holy Week - 33 respondents
2. Christmas - 25 respondents
3. Fiesta - 11 respondents
4. No preference- 4 respondents
Total = 73 respondents

Regional Breakdown of 1st choice votes:

1. Holy Week
Australia = 3
Canada = 3
Germany = 1
Palau = 1
Philippines= 6
Singapore = 1
UAE = 1
USA = 17
Total 33 respondents

2. Christmas
Canada = 3
China= 1
Japan = 1
Malaysia= 1
Philippines= 6
Saudi Arabia= 2
USA= 11
total= 25 respondents

3. Fiesta
Canada= 4
Saipan= 1
Saudi Arabia= 1
UAE = 1
USA= 4
11 respondents

> 2. Is it final?

Nope. And we're not going with the survey results since the motion I
tabled a couple of weeks ago to hold the BalikPaete reunion for the
Christmas season did not really have any strong objections and was
endorsed and seconded enthusiastically by several people.

The disadvantages cited for a December reunion (mahal ang pamasahe;
magastos dahil sa mga inaanak sa Paete; maulan, etc) i think are
outweighed by the disadvantages of a Holy week event= most
importantly its proximity to the Municipal Election in May 2004 and
the schooling of North American children.

So unless anybody has any serious objection with DECEMBER as our
reunion date, I would like to propose that the Reunion date be
scheduled from December 27, 2002 (Monday) to January 2, 2005 (sunday).

Tamang tamang hagip natin ang Rizal Day so pwede nating isabay yong
parade sa Rizal Day Parade para menos abala sa mga organizers.

Several people have suggested that we re-enact several Paete
festivities during that period like: Holy Week, Salibanda,
Santakruzan, Flores De Mayo, etc. I will try to get in touch with
the Mayor of Paete to see if they will be interested in putting up
such an event.

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