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Well done Marion

February 5 2004 at 7:37 PM

I say well done Marion for saying some of the things we all know but wish weren't the case. Of course men would choose boobs over no boobs, other things being equal, and we all know that. And that's why we're so interested in boob size and dissatisfied if our size seems inadequate. I know that some women try not to be obsessed with boob size and try to remember that it's not everything and try not to focus on it, so some of these women will probably not be pleased when Marion reminds us that it does matter to most of us. Well I can see both sides of it - Marion saying that it is important to so many of us - and the other point of view that we shouldn't be concerned about it too much. But well done to Marion anyway as I think we all know that what she says is true, even if some of us would prefer not to be reminded of it. Sometimes the truth is just different to what we'd really like it to be.

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