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Re: To Sydney

May 12 2004 at 6:48 PM

Response to To Sydney

Hi Emma.
It's not a good feeling to be the smallest in the family that's for sure (I'm a 32A). I have a cousin who's 12 and find it really depressing every time I see her because she's larger chested than me.
It's interesting what you said about not being fat because I agree that you can't always go on bra size alone. I'm not happy with my bust because I feel out of proportion not because I'm greedy and must have a DD size bra. A friend of mine is also a 32A but she fills out her bikini top and at least looks likes she has breasts whereas the only way I can get away with it is by wearing a gel bra, and I'm not fat either, I'm a size 8 but I look odd because I'm tall as well - about 5ft8. Here's hoping the pills work, eh? Not that I'm desperate or anything.......

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