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Re: agree

September 7 2004 at 1:28 PM

Response to agree

Please tell us Anon, are you taking these tablets?

And if you think that talking about this subject is obessional, then tell me why so many people come on this message board, and why indeed have you come on to it yourself?

It is not right to knock people for expressing their emotions just because there are worse things out there, we all KNOW that. Nor is it right to criticise just because you do not feel the same way. It's a bit like telling a schizophrenic to get a grip.

This message board is for people to express their feelings and hopefully to get support from people who are like minded.

I think that you are wrong to come on this messageboard for women who are taking breast enlargement tablets to tell us all that we are obsessed. What did you expect us to be talking about, Coronation Street?

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