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me too

August 17 2006 at 8:35 AM

Response to 1 BIGGER BREAST : (

hey, have you tried massaging the smaller one? alot of people seem to reccomend that. i have the same problem as you, i'm worried the other one isn't going to respond properly. are you like this?- most of the pains if not all are in one boob? I don't mind so much if they grow in proportion, i just don't want the smaller one to get left behind. my bigger one became so much more rounder when i took perfect c and then used brava, and my nipple on the bigger one is noticably larger too. the smaller one doesnt seem to respond as much as the bigger one. i am worried it won't grow :o( but i'm going to try massaging only the small one with WU. apparantly this has workd for some people. let me know how you are doing xxx

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