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Re: Bigger areola

October 4 2006 at 9:17 PM

Response to Re: Bigger areola

i think some women develop a mound on mound shape and i think it starts under the areola skin, i may be wrong, but i think this is why the areola can look swolen. but even if women dont have a mound on mound i think maybe the arola size increases with the breast size. if u look at, who is she? first name is tara and she was in american pie?. but u no when they show her boob job in magazines? she has implants and her arolas stretched with the breast increase, but her nipples are small. but on the other hand breasts are surprisingly unique to the individual so i think there is no general rule tht areolas grow with the breast, but it's stll a good indication that somthing is happening

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