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measurement system IS flawed

December 20 2007 at 9:01 PM
Sophie B 

Response to Am I doomed?

I have been wondering about this for ages, and happened to catch a short slot on TV which explained it - the old 'add 5 system' was from when they didn't have good elastic, and you needed that space to breathe. Nowadays that doesn't apply so I agree with the previous posters that add 3 works a lot better. For myself, the underbust is 27 inches, and I fit nicely into a 30 band bra. However until recently I never knew they even existed, and always took a 32, but that's just because I'm so small around.

For you, no way you're not doomed. if you're gonna try WU, you are young so that's the best time to try it. and for bras, maybe try a padded 32A or 34 inch? You know, I never knew this, but when you fit the bra it is supposed to be on the loosest hook to start with, that way when it stretches you can tighten it to the other hooks... So work it out according to what fits.

Good Luck!

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