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Social Change / Civil Disobedience

May 10 2004 at 11:07 PM
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I have been following the discussions on this Board for longer than I care to reveal and have found them very interesting and, for the most part, quite enlightening.

The single motivating factor for me to support "Bra Freedom" and "Top Freedom" is because I believe in TOTAL EQUALITY of the sexes -- nothing more and nothing less. Why should women be subservient to men? I am excited to see the number of men on this Board that are supportive of women's EQUALITY with men.

I need to preface the remainder of my comments with the statement that I do not have the courage to take action to be a leader -- rather I am a follower. I tend to be very much of a "follow the law" type of person. I say this because I would not do what I am suggesting is necessary for “Top Freedom” to become a reality for women. I hope everyone will forgive me for my lack of courage. Never the less, I believe my thoughts have merit.

With that said, I believe that nearly all true "social change" comes about by way of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Nat seems to be the resident historian and I respect his vast knowledge and hope that he will correct me if I am wrong. Some examples that have already been mentioned on this Board are: (1) Men removing the tops of their swimming suits, (2) Women baring their legs in public, (3) Women gaining the right to vote, and (4) Blacks and other minorities gaining equal rights with Caucasians. I am sure there are many more that could be added to this short list. However, this list makes the point that Civil Disobedience IS effective in causing “social change”. In fact, I believe that most laws and court cases that have solidified the above listed changes have occurred AFTER a period of Civil Disobedience.

Therefore, I suggest that a period of Civil Disobedience will be necessary before “Top Freedom” will be established as an individual woman’s right. If women wait until the laws are changed, “Top Freedom” will not happen. Civil Disobedience must occur BEFORE the laws will change. Unfortunately, isolated cases (e.g., New York State) may be inspirational but are not truly helpful to the cause because the Civil Disobedience was not widespread enough to effectuate true “social change” for the masses.

I have said this before and will repeat it again. In my humble opinion, the most effective means of gaining “Top Freedom” for women is for women and men to demonstrate TOGETHER – the more individuals involved the better. Invite the news media to a picnic in a public park on a very hot and muggy day or go to a public beach. Chose a location where men NORMALLY take off their tops. Have nearly the same number of women and men present. Have EVERYONE take off his or her top – not just a few brave souls. Everyone that attends should be expected to take off his or her top. If the police cite the women but not the men, a perfect court case is created for the “equal rights” of women. If this is done often enough throughout the country, “social change” might actually happen.

I support this forum 100% and wish everyone success in their endeavors.

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