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March 24 2005 at 7:10 PM
Peter  (no login)
from IP address

There has in the past year or so on this forum a tendency to lean towards the very thing we are trying to battle here, intolerance.

There are those on this forum that claim they are here to try to further the cause of top freedom and breast freedom, stating that certain “politico-religious” groups in their close mindedness and intolerance are keeping women from achieving those freedoms. They have made up their minds that any conservative or religious individual should be put in their place, stoned, and cast out of the forum.

This basic attitude and behavior is why the freedoms desired here will not be realized.

It is the intolerance and generalized ostracism that blocks all hope for dialogue and the opportunity to enlighten those that are perceived to be “those people” and actually find out how and why those that are seeking top freedom are categorized as immoral. Taking the time to assess where the false views are conceived, how they are perpetuated and have the opportunity to refute the claims from an academic approach from “those people “ that venture here for what ever reason. Rather than an emotional gut reaction, that only serves to build walls and further ostracizes even long term members that want for the same freedoms, the individuals that have presented the “offending” post should be invited to present factual information that backs up their claims and then discuss them. Who knows maybe more of “those people” will be pleasantly surprised and become allies.

Civil dialogue on this forum was at one time possible, I for one enjoyed the intellectual intercourse that was engaged in where productive ideas, suggestions and actions were inspired. Active participation and encouragement abounded and lines were not drawn in the sand. Name calling and such did not occur rampantly and the real trolls were dealt with appropriately once they had proven their caustic intentions, usually over the course of weeks during which volumes of pertinent information was exchanged.

I will continue to post on this forum, continue to defend those under attack undeservedly , and banter with those that verbally attack me.

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