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Good points

July 5 2005 at 12:07 AM
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Response to Re: Attitudes and fetishes

You make some very good points and I agree. I have read the other posts and have come to realize and be able to articulate why this particular post was offensive. I have a pretty tough skin. I grew up with a crude cop who liked to try to gross people fact, he still gets pleasure in grossing people out. I think there is a difference between banter and offensive. I know that to some people, it is all offensive.

I remember being young and skinny and visiting Montreal. In Montreal, the men express their appreciation by whistling and cat calls. I did not find that offensive in the least, in fact, it was fun. It would probably be fun today. It was merely one gender appreciating the other. It was not objectifying or putting us down.

When a man makes a comment to a woman about a fetish like the other poster did about police officers, it has a different meaning to the recipient. (me at least). It really does come across as the man thinking or implying that the woman must want more. If a woman is bra-free, then she must "want it" and therefore, the man can have free reign. It is different somehow than if a woman wears shorter shorts, up to a point. There is a difference between appreciating the opposite sex and objectifying them. Someone, I believe Michaela, pointed out too, that the risks are different today than in 1910. There are more guns, plus there were more women in "the movement" to wear less yardage.

This is a society that still will blame the victim if she is raped or sexually assaulted. I am feeling some of that with my comment that I found the statement about the fetish is somehow my sensitive ears that is the problem, and "oh, he didn't mean anything by it". That is also a variation of blaming the victim. It is sad that this can still happen in the year 2005.

I truly believe that the more exposure of breasts and the more normal this is, the less of an issue it is. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with neandrethals in this world!

I am also amazed that the most powerful nation in the world (the US) has such a problem with breasts and no problem with the amount of guns and violence on TV and in its nation. Such a complex nation! I am also looking forward to the day when the conservative views and fad of today go into the vaults!

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