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blight the environment

February 17 2006 at 3:20 PM
sdun  (no login)

Response to Don't We All?

Bob, you do need help. You say older people and unattractive people are blighting the environment if they show too much skin. What is too much skin? My face gives my age away much more than any other part of my body. Must I keep it covered at all times when I go out?
Your abhorrence of the body God gave us is one thing this forum is trying to correct. Your type of reasoning is why we have young healthy girls hating their bodies. They know they can't measure up to the narrow standards of beauty that society is trying to perpetute on them. Breast implants are what the young girls today feel are normal looking breasts. Young ladies today want no sag at all even though that is normal for even young women. They have no idea what a normal breast looks like since showing them even on our beaches is taboo. I just read today an article about how the young starlets of Hollywood are even becoming more and more dissatisfied with their own bodies.
I was always taught to broaden my sense of beauty whether it be in art, music, cars or people. If you shut yourself off from those things that don't meet the ultra narrow standards that our society has heaped upon us then you are really cheating yourself of a lot of happiness.
In all of nature and art a nice smooth vase or simple straight lines of furniture are considered beautiful. But also a vase with elaborate lines or furniture with a lot of carvings such as Baroque styles are also beautiful. So why should we feel that only a young unlined face is beautiful and that a face with a lot of beautiful etching is not. At one time civilization actually saw beauty in the old.
I think you have this mistaken belief that women who want freedom to go topless only want it so they can show off their bodies. Evidently the only topless women you have seen were in a bar, Mardi Gra or spring break where they are lifting their shirts for beads or attention. You should go to a beach where it is legal for women to be topless and you will see completely different behavior. Any lewd remarks to one of them and you will be swiftly taken care of no matter what age the woman.
I live in a rural area and we have a private lane over a mile long that travels through some of our fields. One hot summer evening after dark My wife and I were riding in our lane on our bicycles. I had my shirt off and The air felt so good hitting my chest. I suggested to my wife to go topless and she readily agreed. She admitted if felt wonderful but when we got back up to the road she had to put her shirt back on and I was able to keep mine off. That is just one of many reasons topfreedom for women would be a good thing.

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