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People Like Me

February 19 2006 at 2:28 AM
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Response to People Like Me

I'm just telling you what the REALITY is . . I didn't create it. If you want to fight the will of the great majority of Americans, be my guest. Just don't be surprised when you receive negative reactions.

Reality isnt the same from day to day, what is reality one day may not be the next day. Why accept reality if you can do something to change it?
Somebody's got to fight the masses.

What? You mean girls don't see OTHER GIRLS nude in the locker rooms and showers following gym classes or when working out at the rec centers? I could agree that a lot of teen BOYS don't know what real breasts look like, as the only ones they might see are in skin mags and movies. Teen boys probably do have the misconception that all breasts are large prpjectiles, but I think that delusion gets corrected as they start to date and engage in petting with girls who possess real breasts.

Most girls dont know what real breasts look like because either they see their friends who have already altered their breasts to look like so called "real breasts" or they simply dont accept that what they see is real breasts because they think the only real breasts are the ones they see on tv that they are brainwashed into thinking are real breasts.

I have no problem with nudism on private property and among consenting adults. Live and let live, in that event. But, this push to take nudity to public beaches and other public settings is going to create public outrage.

So what? A little public outrage never hurts anyone and sometimes if you wanna get something legalized or accepted you need to outrage a few people and just let them have their little temper tantrums and then when theyre all done whining and actually take time to think about whats going on they'll wonder why they made such a fuss about it in the first place. Baring breasts isnt nudity anyways because breasts areint sexual organs and you have to be "naked" meaning fully disrobed for nudity to take place anyways. Women taking their tops off and them taking their panties off are two different things. Besides women's sexual organs are mostly internal anyways so what do people have to fear seeing down there anyways? Some little fuzz ball? OOH! thats really scary! Yeah right.

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