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I Have Tried

March 19 2006 at 1:56 PM
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Years ago, I joined the National Organization for Men. Not that I agreed with all their objectives, but at least they seemed to be trying to do some good things. The problem was . . still is . . that it is exceeding difficult to get men to band together for something like this. There were no chapters of the org. in my state, nor in any adjoining state. You had to go to the very large metro areas to see any interest.

I talked to many men regarding the organization and the ways that I saw that men suffer discrimination. Many of the men could relate from their own experiences, especially divorce, where they usually lost regardless what their behaviors or their ex-wives' behaviors were like.

This is how I came to understand that men are averse to being seen -- seeing themselves -- as victims. Men are brought up to be strong, in control, able to weather storms, as men. If they had remorse at all, it was because they expected women to have the power over them, but not use it . . to puill their punches. And some women (my ex included) did show some mercies. But, there are numerous situations where the women, perhaps coached by other women, went for the jugular and took everything.

My view has been that you can't give away power to someone and then not expect them to use it. Maybe they don't hurt you the first day . . or week . . month or even year. But, usually the time comes when they do use that power. Women are especially good at waiting til the time is ripe . . secure in the knowledge that they have that trump card in reserve.

So, in this, I think women have been right when they say men are stupid. When it comes to women, men ARE stupid. They are apparently too stupid to know how stacked the deck is against them, or too stupid to care until the cards are played and they are devastated. You'd think that if men wouldn't want fair treatment for themselves, they would at least want it for their sons, nephews, grandsons. But, you can't get men to stand up and fight for their rights AS MEN.

As I already posted, men will band together to fight rascism. They will band together in a labor strike against the corporation. They will put their lives on the line in a forteign war. But, sadly, they will not band together in any significant numbers to fight anti-male legislation and discrimination. They are stupid that way.

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