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Water Engine, rather

August 31 2006 at 2:37 AM
EuropeMan  (Login EuropeMan)

Response to Water car


It's still a dream, unfortunately. Separating water into hydrogen and oxygen as a process which requires quite some power. At best, the power one gets back in burning the hydrogen in an engine is equivalent to the one used, so that one could think of that process as one to preserve energy. Similar to the double lake system where power is used during low consumption times do raise water from the lower lake to the higher one, using then the natural flow downwards to recreate power at peak hours.

Yes, "big oil" could want to kill down more productive energy processes. But the fuel cell systems are used since quite some time for space travel (the first mention I remember of - without research - is the first trip to the moon in 1969. But they bring the hydrogen and oxygen with them. No doubt, if there was a cheap way to have hydrogen from water, the NASA people would take water with them....
(and by the way, the fuel cell is also giving the water back; if it was more than energy conservation, it would be "energy creation" which is excluded by elementary physics).

Sure, the fuel cell has the advantage that pollution is not performed at the place the energy is consumed, and when done at a special plant one can care to have the best return through tuned processes - somehow like the "diesel electric" railway trains.

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