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Bare To Breakers

September 9 2007 at 5:30 PM
mackayla  (no login)

Response to "Bare to the Beakers"


Well I wasn't nude that day...just topfree. And I wasn't bothered at all by him. I was mostly in the water where he could hardly tell what he was seeing, but before I was in the water I was perched on a tree root, and that is probably when he first spyed me.

Does it bother me? Not the way he was. He was quiet, and just looking, and by the way his wife reacted, I would guess he never gets to see any titty at home.

What bothers me is when, for example, yesterday I was coming down to the creek at the spillway (the dam on the out side of Barton Springs) and Was wearing a Speedo racing suit, and a black cover up over it, which was how I drove there after my bike ride. I walked into the shore line and this typical machismo mexican guy says real loud from his chair next to his buddy in his chair, "Well, what have we here?" And he stares at me and I just looked at him like, "say one more word and I'm going to kick your ass!"

I make referance to his national heritage on purpose because of the way they view women and how loud mouthed they are about it. Sucks!

As to the question about the Bare to Breakers run type of event. I would never do that, even if they had one here. Why? Because I feel that one should never run when one can ride a bike! I would be more apt to ride a bike nude were there to be an event for such, and in the past there is one every year called the world naked bike ride, but the one here in Austin is never naked, and I don't think anyone even showed up to ride it this year.

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