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June 20 2010 at 4:42 PM
Bob in Canada  (no login)
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Response to Nude sleepers

Hello Jenn.
Re: Your concerns regarding the mother of your boys playmates.

My own experiences growing up included this very topic.

I've slept sometimes nude since age 4 and full time since age 10.
My cousins would come to visit and I would have to share my bed with the boy cousin. He wore PJs at home and thought my "style" was weird. The second time visiting, he informed me that he tried sleeping nude after he got home from his first visit, he liked it until his Mom caught him and freaked out.

I guess that my Auntie and Mom must have had a conversation when they came to visit the second time and Auntie told him it was o.k. to sleep as I did only while at our home. ( our home, our rules?)
In our home casual nudity was no big deal, not so at his house. We adjusted our lifestyle somewhat for Auntie's sake ( Uncle died when cousins very young )and put on U/W once out of bed.
My cousin laughed so hard as we were getting ready to go out and play that both Mom and Auntie asked " What's up ?"
I had taken my U/W off to put on my shorts to go outside, he'd never heard the term " Commando " before.

So... we go out to play, ride our bikes to the lake, and I suggest we go swimming. He's obviously more heated then I, and jumps right in, clothes and all. I strip first, and jump in, again he's laughing. That is until we get out and get set to ride on to my friend's house. I get dressed in my dry shorts. He had to ride in his wet shorts & U/W. Ever ridden a bike any distance in wet clothing? So end of day, we are home for supper. Cousin has a huge rash and is very sore in his crotch and butt. Our Moms talk with much laughter again. For the rest of his visit, he never wore U/W again, and it took 3 days for his butt to heal from riding in wet clothes. He wasn't laughing when Auntie held his checks apart while my mom put ointment all over his crotch and butt.

As for sleeping nude with other boys sharing a bed. If they are all good friends, no harm will come of it. Perhaps a few "Sword fights" and other curious explorations may happen, which is a normal part of youth. In our current world, there are too many "hang ups" because we do not let our children explore their bodies and the interaction between friends of the SAME AGE. Those boundaries change as the boys grow to teenagers.

In fact, I actually started to wear U/W to bed for a time as a teen, because of wet dreams. I'm laughing as I remember my mom trying to explain wet dreams and morning "woodies" to me.

I feel for all the single moms out there, who are raising boys. My teen years were somewhat difficult, I wished so much to have Dad to ask very personal questions. Teenagers get a very twisted view of sexuality if they are learning from porn on the internet, rather then candid talks within a healthy family environment.

In concussion, Jenn and others reading this, isn't it better to have a healthy attitude, rather then repressed and shy about our bodies. Your boys will grow to be men, hopefully, comfortable in their skin.

I'll go a little further here and ask, do your boys know what your body looks like, are you comfortable in your skin ? If we do not show that we are comfortable in our skin, how will they react once they start dating?

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