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"Obama pulled us back from that brink"

September 28 2010 at 11:44 AM
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Response to Good Republicans


And how did Obama accomplish this (if, indeed, we are on the way to recovery, which I doubt)? He did it by borrowing more money -- further increasing the national debt -- making America even more beholden to foreign countries who have bank-rolled our folly . . . giving us enough rope to hang ourselves. And, despite what happens in the short term, long-term that debt will crush the U.S.

Not that I am fully in the Republicans' camp. As you noted, they certainly did their part to get the United States in its current fix. Not since the days of Ronald Reagan have I felt that voting Republican could help our economy. I voted Republican because of the social asgenda of the two parties. At least the Republicans paid lip service to "family values" that a sizeable majority of Americans support. That is why Republicans have done as well as they have the past 30 years. Voters hoped that Repubs would support traditional values, while Dems seemed to consider the past as some horrible thing that is the antithesis of the America they want to enact.

Problem was/is that it really didn't matter how one voted vis-a-vis the social agenda. If Dems would drive us 90 miles per hour in the wrong direction, the Repubs would drive us in the same direction just a bit slower. A lot of the current problems in U.S. are social in nature and not simply economic. Neither party offers much solution . . really, just more steering in negative directions.

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