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September 30 2010 at 8:51 AM
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Response to Re: Family/Traditional Values?

Please understand that my comments were not aimed at you, Bob. But at the points that are so commonly made in defense of the Republican platform. Every person has the obligation to vote his or her conscience. However, I find it odd that Republicans manage to hoodwink so many Americans into believing their pious platitudes and "family value" strategies. Reagan and Bush presided over the fundamental dismantling of the U.S. business infrastructure because it profited rich people. With the dessimation of the manufacturing base, lucrative jobs for middle class, blue collar workers became almost extinct. We were promised "better jobs" - but by and large those have yet to materialize.

The truth is that the Republican strategies have stripped this country of its status, have included bold-faced lies to Congress and the American people, and have done nothing to support real family values - and it was all done to support the upper upper class - that 5% of our population that controls 95% of this country's wealth. I am not saying they shouldn't be allowed to accumulate wealth - I AM saying they don't need or deserve special protection at the cost of the other 95% of us.

As for gender dissension - you can hardly blame that on democrats. You CAN blame a civil rights movement on them, and the press for greater equality among workers. It may not be as effective as we like, but there it is. You are correct - we have been deceived into believing that the problems are black vs white; women vs men; gay vs straight - but the reality is that this is a CLASS issue. The haves just cant seem to get enough, and the have nots cant seem to get any. People may not like that message, but it is at the heart of what is tearing this country apart. That, and the idea - the misguided belief - that any of us could climb the ladder and become part of the upper 5%. The odds against this are staggering.

I am still in awe that we as a nation did not take to the streets when it became clear that the man sitting in the white house (George W) was not, in fact, the duly elected President of the United States - that we stood by while the will of the voters was ignored. That is the foundation of our republic - and it was trampled BY REPUBLICANS. Is this the party people believe will restore a stronger America - a more moral America?

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