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A person so boastful with no respect

September 17 2010 at 9:53 AM

I was ashamed to read the below letter from a so-called Dr in one of the daily papers. Is he the political talk point of MP Kumbakor or is boasting and ego driving this guy crazy? No respect for other 'simple' citizens who are making ends meat to survive in a country so runned down by the so-called senior MPs, Ministers and their bureaucrats. By the way, the BSP 'tea boy' or the 'bank teller' have the right to say in anything any MP says/comment...isn't PNG a democratic country or is it a guided democrazy leading into a dictatorship styled government?

We may not be in this Dr's class but we are struggling citizens working as 'tea boys' to support our family on a day-to-day basis. At least we are doing something for ourselves, our family and of course the nation. We don't necessarily have to have the Dr title to survive. There are too many good Drs in PNG but this Dr seems to be the only one bagging here and there with all his theoretical themes, most which aren't relevant in PNG context. Pride is driving this guy nuts.

Such mentality is killing the growth of this nation. Educated PNGeans are the main contributors in killing the progress of PNG.

Please give us a break and come down to the real world. Too many theory is driving this country backward. Invent something new and practical (outside your too many well-groomed theories) and let PNG see what you can invent. Otherwise, theories are theories and most are irrelevant in PNG; maybe in the next 50-100 years time when senior MPs, Ministers and their bureaucrats pass away leaving a legacy of ruining this lovely country.


Enjoy perks provided by BSP

I REFER to the letter by Happy BSP employee of Port Moresby (Look after your yard, Kumbakor, The National, Sept 10).
The writer sounds like a former disgruntled casual in the public service now serving as a bank teller or tea boy.
His attack on one of Papua New Guineas most senior and valuable state ministers in Andrew Kumbakor is short-sighted and does not take into account the holistic picture and conflicting issues facing the housing sector and industry.
Considering the rate of population growth in our urban and semi-urban centres, PNGs population is expected to triple 10 years from today.
The government is the biggest employer in many developing nations and having to provide adequate housing, let alone adequate housing allowances for each employee, is an impossibility and a far-fetched dream.
Unlike the 1970s when the National Housing Commission was able to provide housing from the tea boy upwards due to a stronger kina and manageable population, todays excessive state liabilities and misappropriation have prompted the government to take a semi-privatisation approach, transforming the commission to the National Housing Corporation (NHC Act 1990).
By this policy, it is hoped that an institutionalised NHC will promote managerial prudence and financial independence while simultaneously promoting the state aim for housing sector expansion via new land acquisition and housing construction.
However, there are two fundamental and conflicting policy options that require a trade-off or sacrifice on the part of the housing ministry.
And that is whether to increase housing allowance significantly for public servants to make housing affordable or to provide more housing for public service employees via cost subsidisation of new land and housing construction.
Obviously the latter was chosen.
The writer need not look further than the housing developments behind Gerehu stage 2 to appreciate Kumbakors intention to house more families and their wantoks rather than for public servants to resort to the expensive real estate industry which is cherry-picking the housing market under the nose of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission.
I recommend the writer to enjoy his perks and privileges with BSP while he can.

Dr Lagaip
Port Moresby

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