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Re: namah displaying symptoms of mental insanity and incompetence!

February 21 2012 at 12:24 PM

Response to namah displaying symptoms of mental insanity and incompetence!

PNG, you have a dictator waiting in the gallows to strike if you give him the opportunity. He is more terrifying, more bone chilling and with an iron fist, worst than Somare, Mugabe, Mubarak and Gadafi put together.

He is your PM now, believe me. He controls all the ministries now, believe me. Is he articulate? NO. Is he calm and composed? Is he patient?NO. Does he consult with others? NO. Does he exude sensitivity and respect for others, especially his colleagues? No. Does he understand democracy? No. Does he understand politics? No. Does he understand international relations? No. Does he have a big ego? Yes. Can he accept criticism? No. Can he kill someone if he is pushed? No questions, Yes. Does he care about foreign investments? No. Does he think he is a leader? Yes. Do we think he is a leadership material? NO. Does he have big dreams? Hands down and I mean huge dreams.

Of course Somare was terrible, but lets not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. Belden Namah will send this country to hell. I cannot help but wonder what we are setting ourselves up to with having this guy back into parliament next term, folks.

Jake from Sydney

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