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April 6 2012 at 10:45 PM

Response to WTF?!

@ he-who-shall-not-be-named
Did not think you a spy but a very learned person but who know the heart of men. As they say the road to hell is paved with people with many a good intentions.

Of course a large part what I fed the forum is on the internet. And it takes more than just ingesting inform but that to glean out the facts from the fallacies is a task beyond just the internet.

A friend contesting the elections asked for my input on the policies for PNG.

Over the years I touched base with very knowledgeable friends in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Korea and even high profile persons close to VP Xi Jinping.

So sorry my friend, I though in the last minute not to divulge intellectual chattels and as I was in a rush out I put in gibberish to fill the words.

Perhaps during or after the elections we shall hear the rest. If the election deferral is not indefinite, now that Parliament seems unstoppable to romp through with its intentions.

In meantime perhaps you could fill us with some of your ideas on how you would see PNG steer the ship through the adversities and arrive into safer havens. We look not for some wishful utopia but to a harbour of refuge for our sake and for our little ones.
A breathing space where the likes of Carr neither intimidate us nor the overwhelming presence of Chinese on our soil extinguish our hopes and dreams.

Where we are masters to chart our destinies thru sweat and tears. We want to stand as equals on the world platforms because we too can have something to give to the world.

I am not a theorist but a Theo-ist. I am not a historian but I study His Story.

So my friend I am all ears and eyes to hear your thoughts.

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