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Re: forgive me if I sounded arrogant

April 8 2012 at 8:15 PM

Response to forgive me if I sounded arrogant

Ripinne said: "I never said I never went to Uni. I just could never get my transcripts across to Europe Unis because our Unis were graded low overseas. Never went to Senior High. Went straight from grated 10 to Uni in PNG."

Is this another of your conspiracy theories? I could really blow it out of the water if I had a name to cross-check against Uni records, but seeing as this isnt possible it remains yet another theory.

Sorry friend, I'm not against individuals who teach themselves. In fact, some of the world's most successful are self-taught, but I get urked when people attempt to mislead with baseless theories. We've heard it all from JFK to UFOs and now we have to put up with yet more illuminati?

There are other forums dedicated to this stuff.
You should hang out with your cronies there.
They'll be more than happy to accommodate you.

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