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April 26 2012 at 12:52 PM
Roots 2 

Response to Re: CJ THIEF


Morata, yu sim tu b da biggest clown coz u r nau implyin dat the CJ as a human being is above reproach and must be holier den da rest ov us. To let u in on a little known secret: Da CJ's rise to da top, from being a junior jurist some years ago, is connected to an electorate in the ESP. He was head of a Leadership Tribunal dat successfully saw da removal frm office of a former member of dat electorate. Based on dat accomplishment, people supported him through moral and spiritual support.

As result, the hand of da Divine moved and he jumped 10 spaces to become da CJ...he will admit it to yu himself! Now the current MP of dat electorate has got da CJ around his little finger to do his bidding. He even lobbied for him widin NA ranks to become da CJ seeing dat da CJ was able tu be manipulated.

The poor CJ is just anoder human being...em man tasol wankain osem yumi...he will make decisions to please his plitical masters and bias, however cloaked under legal reasoning and precedent etc.., I shud know coz mi pikinini blo jurist tu!!!

The current constitutional impasse is now a battle of da egos of both sides...nobody wants to be da lozer in da public eye!! Da only way out is for evryone to gofo ileksin and dis whole mess wil bikam nullified.

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