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We all need to take ownership

June 13 2012 at 7:20 PM

Response to THE UPCOMING ELECTION DISASTER OF 2012: EVIDENCE in the voter rolls


Everyone out there has a responsibility to take ownership in making the wrong right. The legal system is almost dead. Law enforcement is non-existent. I don't believe there is one such thing as a police for in our country. Its politicized and overrun by crooks and corrupt fleabags, most notably politicians and kowtowing top bureaucrats.

If for one moment we all took a deep breath and asked ourselves, what is my contribution to my community, my province and my country, it would be a rude awakening because we would realize alot of our way of thinking and the things we are constantly engaging in are of no help to building our communities to be a better place.

We cannot wait for so called politicians or the educated elite or joe blow down the road to make things happen for us. Individually, we have to make it happen by doing our part.

An example would be, if we voted this election on conscience and good judgement, it doesn't how someone idiot has inflated numbers, most of that would be waste. And we would vote and elect the most ideal candidate based on our own individual honest and impartial judgement. Vote rigging and so forth would hardly happen. People would not allow that happening.

Its not idealistic. It is the case in true democratic societies, where individual freedom and liberty and democratic rights are of the utmost importance. I have seen people fight to keep their individual rights and freedom. We on the other hand, can even bother if someone hijacks these social rights.

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