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The real Belden

July 27 2012 at 11:31 AM

Response to Good oppostion

I salute Mr Belden Namah for his stand in not wanting to side with Somare and his goons. This is the type of leadership that is sadly missing from our Politician currently ie to stand for what you believe in regardless of whether you end up in Opposition or Govt.

To think that most people have forgotten the last ten years and the Somare antics is sad. Now lets wait and see what type of govt all the new Politicians want. I'm sure they campaigned that they are contesting to right the wrong that was dished to people the last Ten years. I doubt it they will still side with a govt that still has the old Farts.

The Former PMs if they were any good would have set the frame work for PNG to be prospering today but NO they were only filling their pocket and those of their cronies and that is why I blame Somare, Wingti and Chan for the state of our hospitals, roads, education and the malfunctioning public service. So its funny to see them still contesting the election and better still been elected by the same people that they have failed to serve in the first place.

long yupla nau


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