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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 14 2012 at 7:55 AM
go Bire go! 

Response to Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

You're actually the dummie on this board because the best argument you could have given to those putting down Kimisopa was simply to copy and paste the newspaper article - but you couldn't be bothered making that effort, could you? So I'll do it for you, yu lazy one!

Monday 13th August, 2012
PM must tell people all: Kimisopa


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has been challenged to emphatically tell the people of Papua New Guinea his position on corruption in PNG and how he will weed it out.
The challenge was issued by Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa in a message congratulating Mr O’Neill on his election the post of prime minister.

Mr Kimisopa also said the test of the O’Neill government claim of having a government that fairly represents the whole nation will be tested in the next 18 months.

Mr Kimisopa the former internal security and justice minister in a former Somare government says serious oustanding matters remain in the Waigani ‘too hard basket’ for the O’Neill government to deal with.

Mr Kimisopa said the election of Mr O’ Neill to the highest office of the land reaffirms the people’s desire for policies that are more closer to their hearts during this difficult time and also expresses a hope for better outcomes during the government’s tenure in office.

But Mr Kimisopa reminded Mr O’Neill and his government that the PNG’s social indicators remain hopelessly mired in incompetence on the part of successive governments.

“Its (the government) ability to arrest the rising cost of basic food stuff remains a constant obstacle for politicians who have never patrolled the shopping aisles of our supermarkets and trade stores, and its ability to fight corruption remains a joke.

“Although every Prime Minister who has been elected promises to do so much their sincerity and commitment is often negated by a long trail of public events that seem to suggest otherwise,” Mr Kimisopa said.

Mr Kimisopa said the Government of Peter O’Neill’s claim to have fair representation in the appointment of his ministers will be tested within the first 18 months of his government.

He was also not so impressed with the involvement of former prime ministers in the formation of the new government.

“ It is obvious the endorsement by former Prime Ministers Paias Wingti, Sir Julius Chan and Sir Michael Somare did little to enhance the Prime Minister’s reputation as an agent for change.

“Their endorsement only suggests that O’Neill is a creature of their union and is not his own self. The sixty four million dollar question that must be answered by Prime Minister O’Neill is: What is the price for reconciliation between O’Neill and Somare? There is a contempt of Court Proceeding on foot, the wider ramifications of the Judicial Conduct Act which has fractured the judiciary has never been properly explained, and the imposition of an age limit of a sitting prime minister remains a knee jerk reaction by an ambitious mob. The Prime Minister needs to explain the details of the deal he struck and explain his position on these important issues,” Mr Kimisopa said.

Mr Kimisopa added: “Furthermore, there is growing public concerns that the NPF inquiry and its findings is already dead, the Finance Inquiry remains forever gagged within the Courts, and the public service housing debacle remains tangled with secrecy.

“The Prime Minister can put to bed these community concerns by demonstrating leadership within the first few months of his government by explaining the deals that he has entered into with Somare, Chan and Wingti and more importantly state his position on all these matters.

“I urge the Prime Minister to state emphatically his position on corruption and how he intends to arrest the drop in confidence of our people.

“He needs to be more forthright on his position on full nationalisation of mining assets in this country when there is already a Private Members Bill on foot which advocates a total shake up of the mining and petroleum regime in this country.
“He would also need to spell out quite succinctly where he stands on Mining’s rights as he is often challenged by Minister Byron Chan who has retained the Mining portfolio.

“Otherwise, the Prime Minister and his government will remain a mutual benefit club where the spoils of government will be enjoyed by the privileged few.
“The Prime Minister has a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring lasting change to the Papua New Guinea economy.

“He must build confidence within the major stakeholders of the economy who are already facing a myriad of problems from high cost of doing business, rising food cost, law and order and a dilapidated health and education infrastructure.
“The much trumpeted free education policy has already exposed the ugly side of inadequate institutional capacity and has cannibalised any gains in numeracy and literacy that is supposed to be enjoyed by our children.”

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