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Who is hot for the Simbu Regional Seat??

March 25 2002 at 8:53 PM

Can you Simbus out there post some info on the latest about the candidates for the regional seat. My question is who is the favorite for the Simbu Regional Seat?



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Please, inform us....

March 29 2002, 5:06 PM 

Yeah, I would agree with you. SOme of us are dying to know the regional candidates for Simbe so please people of simbu, consider your wantoks overseas and fill this board with some news from home for the benefit of us.


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Re: Who is hot for the Simbu Regional Seat??

March 30 2002, 9:15 PM 

Angra, I heard Joe Bal is hot butAmbane is also working hard for his return.

Bomai gan-NZ.

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Simbu Regional Seat

April 15 2002, 1:11 AM 

Hey ol Simbu !

A list of 39 candidates have been posted in both the Pngscape and Wantoks Forum Board....

Some interesting discussions are going on in the WF board.....check the 2 sites out and post your comments...


Gapa Nem.


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Final List for the Simbu Regional Seat

April 15 2002, 3:09 PM 

Dear All,

Just for your information on the 2002 election. After the closing date 39 people nominated for the Simbu Regional. And the list is as follows:

Fr. L Ambane
Warakai Daigokumulgaul
Dr. Gerad Yumane
John Simai Poai
Kobale Kale
Amos Bomai Kawale
Sipa Tony Wemin
John Nulai
Babra Nime Buckley
Joseph David Kumo
James Mini Tala
John Mua Nilkare
Andrew Kia Abraham
Joe Bal
Ps. Eric Kunde
Joe Mek Teine
Thomas Tumun
Konze K Kara
Joseph Sil
Peter Raiiss Teine
Jim Sinowai
Andrew Saki Por
Paul Degemba Gandi
Willi Umba
Noha Kool
Thomas Kensa
Mark Paul
Veronica Marme Umba
Dr. Philip Dama
Wauguo Goiye
Mark Roy Woiwa
John J Bob
John Palma Mori
Martin Mai Upa
Robert Kopan Gilmai
Wera Mori
John Kerenga Gugl
Nigge Nick Ginbogl
Camilus Dangima

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A new style of leadership? or .. (Fr. Lui who is just Too Upright and Too Honest)

April 26 2002, 3:32 AM 

Hi Simbus:

I think what Simbu urgently needs is a new flamboyant, firebrand, agressive, dynamic and outspoken (CHARISMATIC) leader to emerge straight after
this election, if not in 2007.

I have not seen a single Simbu politician with the intelligence and magnetsim of the late Sir Iambakey Okuk.

My question is: Does any of the 39 regional seat candidates qualify for the criteria I mentioned above?

May be there is someone!!!!!! but I have a fair idea of the majority of the candidates for the regional seat, I am quite reluctant to place my bet on any of them.

However purely based on his honesty and integrity in office and for continuity of his current projects, I think the incumbant Fr. Lui Ambane should be returned to office.


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Simbu Regional

April 15 2002, 4:54 PM 

Joe Bal is the favourate now. He will be mastering most of the votes from the South. Gor, Gena, Kerowagi, Kundiawa, Gembogl and Yongomugl have accorded meaningfull support. Other candidates have been endorsed to distablize his chances, but the people know him better then the other candidates. He will win if all is smooth. Thomas Tumun, Fr. Ambanne and Andrew Saki Por may score some significant votes but will not master the numbers to win. Other candidates do not stand a chance.

Joe Bal is definitely the right person to take Simbu to the next step.

Comments, please.

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Why Go for Joe Bal??

April 17 2002, 5:28 PM 

Dodo, what makes you think he is the right man for Simbu? No offense but I would like some justification for it.

For me I'd go for Andrew Porr Saki. Why? Because he knows how to run the country too well than you might have known him. He has it all when it boils down to the economy of the entire country. Simbu is under the umbrella of the entire economy, which means if the country is doing well then by all means SImbu will benefit from it and so as the entire nation. We cannot just elect someone because of their past history interms of serving the people of Simbu. We must look at the big picture rather than confining ourselves to our some province. Its by time we elect knowlwdgeable people to run the country which in turn will benefit every individual rather than some greedy mouth (if you can get what I mean).

Definitely I'll vote for Andrew Saki Porr. He is the man for the province and the country. He knows it all!!

However, if you can convince me with facts to vote Joe, than by all means I will vote for him because the coutnry has suffered much and we need intelligent people who knows where the country lies tomorrow. Not just today.


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Re: Why Go for Joe Bal??

April 21 2002, 1:23 PM 


You have a point there. May I ask you why you think Saki Por is the man for the country?

Can you validate your comment with some substance and integrity as an educated Simbu. I commend you for your presumptuous proposition. My view is that it is wiser not to exaggerate support for any candidate that has un-tried and un-tested knowledge, skills and experience under his/her belt.

As a Simbu myself, I am very interested to note your feedback, with due respect, may I also ask if you can report on this board the "Credentials" as you said about this individual.



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Enduka Ambai

I think Fr Louis is the one...

April 21 2002, 3:33 PM 

Gutsy and Dodo, I agree with Rock that you should provide reasons why you think these canditates are the ones to take Simbu to the next step?? I as a Simbu will be interested to know.

I personally think we should give Fr Louis Ambane another chance, my reason being that he has demonstrated some good plans for Simbu so we should him continue?? The projects, like the chicken factory, the upgrading of the Kundiawa market, the encouragement of rice farming around the Kondiu area, are small scale projects which are very practical. Simbu cannot have a radical change overnight, and that is mainly due to funding problems, thus we need to start small scale and that is the direction Fr Louis Ambane is taking. His common resposne when people go to his office and ask for money is, "I can't give you any money but if you need a spade and a bushknife I can buy them for you." I definitely think this is the kind of attitude we need in our politicians....making the people work their land and the politicians looking for ways of setting up markets and avenues where the people can earn money by selling their produce from their land. These markets are longterm and can sustain the people for a long time. Compare this with a politician who gives money to people, some people might put these money into good use but majority of the people go and spend it all and in the end they are back to square one, ie, the benefit and enjoyment is very short-term. Giving money to people can also make them lazy. Yumi yet save olsem moni save kamap long graun, and I think Fr Louis is trying to promote this.

This is just my contribution. Opinions are welcome.

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Why Andrew Porr Saki

April 24 2002, 8:56 PM 

Well, well..seems that you guys are really into it.that is what I like and enjoy the most.


I am not exaggerating here. I simply gave the reasons for why I think Andrew Saki is the right man.But if I sound like am exaggurating then I beg your pardon.
And by the way, what has experience got to do with it? If he knows it, he has to be given the chance to show it. Try give him the chance to prove me wrong here.

The entire nation is suffering and we need people like him in the parliament to do somethign for the nation as a whole. We should not confine ourselves with the need of the simbu people, but the whole nation. As I have said it, Simbu is part of PNG and whatever the the country is doing will be reflected in our province, simbu. And this brings me to the comments that Ambai has said about Fr Louis. I do agree with her but we want someone who can perform both on the local and tha national level.

Fr Louis, of course, is the right man in the sense that he used the money allocated to Simbu through the national budget wisely and no misusing it. I do admire his leadership and do acknowledge his work of being a faithful servant of the government. However, he is still a baby when it comes to dealing at the international level, in terms of the country's economy. We have to think of people who are able to come up with ideas, plans and like to at least bring the economy of the country up.

Yeah..any comments?? Does this answer some questions or creationg more questions?

Sinegai mum,

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Fr Louis...

April 25 2002, 1:22 AM 


You still haven't told us the reasons why you think Andrew Saki Por is the one. You've said he is the right man with great ideas and all but you haven't said why this is so. For instance, you might wanna tell us something about his educational background, his experiences, and something he has done to show that he is the kind of man you say he is.

You have said that you are happy with what Fr Louis Ambane is doing but you wouldn't support him because he is still a 'baby when it comes to dealing at the international level'. You may be right, but I think that to improve the country's economy we have to start with the basics. How do you think the economy will improve if every governor ignores their province and jumps straight to dealing with international issues....those governors, and we as proud citizens of PNG should look at our own backyards first.

For instance, one cause of the currency devaluation can be the abundance of imports over exports. For example, PNG imports a lot of rice in any one year. If we plant our own rice, we can eat our own rice and the money used for the rice import can be saved, which can be borrowed for investments, thus we have new investments, which brings new jobs, and the money is still circulating in the country. Or look at the chicken project, the money people spend to buy lampflamps (which is actually garbage from Australia!) could be used to buy those chickens, thus keeping the money in circulation in PNG. The farmers at home can look after chicken and sell them to the factory, which is a means of earning income. Fr Lui is creating jobs for the Simbu people and at the same time helping them to be self sufficient. The point I'm trying to make here is, the country's overall economy will improve if everyone starts to help themselves by being self sufficient and not relying too much on imports. By doing this they are helping themselves and at the same time the nation as a whole. We should start looking for ways in which to help the country and not relying too much on what the country should do for us.

In my opinion, Fr Louis Ambane is doing what every Governor should be doing in his province.

Thanks for reading this and your opinions are most welcome.

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April 25 2002, 9:20 AM 

Ambai i support you,,well from my point of view i cannot see any leader i Simbu that will do somthing like he is ding,,trying to the locals to be self reliable,,so when it comes to elections time,,,peolpe are hungry for lamb flaps thats why they are saying bull **** about him being a Governor,,therefore,, i think the poeple should look at themselves and if they want to live a better way of living,,put Fr Louis back into the office and you will see hips of changes in Simbu,,
hem tasol na hope yupla readim gut


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Tok tasol.

Ambane has visions but...

April 25 2002, 11:35 AM 

Ambane has a lot of vision for the province but he is too slow to implement or he is easily influenced by others. Send him back to the church.He is not even fair in his decisions and services.Simbu is not only Kundiawa-Gembogl, Kerowagi or Gumine, it includes the 7 districts and I will support someone who has a heart for the whole province but not just certain parts of the province and its people.

Nil Nera Nem.

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Fr Louis...still good...

April 25 2002, 6:30 PM 

Nil Nera Nem

Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. Firstly, you say that Fr louis has some good ideas but he doesn't implement them quickly. Let's remember that when he won, there was the court, and then the by-election. That took up quite some time. Those good projects that he has been coming up with has been done in the last 2 to 2.5 years he has been the governor. Therefore I say we give him another chance and see how he goes. We can't be too judgemental on him due to the time factor.

Secondly, you say he favours the Kundiawa-Gembog, Kerowagi and Gumine people. That could also be due to the short time he has been the governor.....he didn't have enough time to extend what he is doing to the other areas. Also, I don't believe that those projects are meant to be for the people in these electorates only.....we need more time to judge him on this point. For instance, look at the market upgrading.....I heard that freezers will be installed and toilets will be built too. If freezers are installed, I'm sure vegetables could be bought in large scales to be stored in those freezers to be sold out. This benefits whole of Simbu.....regardless of where you come from, if you work hard on your land, this is an avenue to earn income. If it is not the buying in bulk, it might be made into compartments where leftover vegies can be stored at the end of the market day for the next day.....this is also beneficial of the whole Simbu people.

We Simbu people should applaud what he is doing and don't judge him too harshley......I mean, which previous politician had realistic and practical ideas like this??? Some people can be talk, talk, talk and no actions. Words can be sweet but actions speak louder than words.

I wish the Simbu people the best in the casting of their votes and I hope they choose a right leader who can lift us out of the situation we are in at the moment.

Thanks na opinions welcome.

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Krumugl Nem

What an absolute "Crap"........!!!

April 26 2002, 1:34 PM 


Get out of your little nutshell and come to terms with the facts before you start jumping up and down about Saki Por.

And besides, let me remind you sissy; that experience has got everything to do with proper governance, political leadership and running of Simbu Province. Where in the world did you qualify experience as being irrelevant to politics!!

Your argument is unfounded, shallow and irrational. There are other Simbus who are contesting the regional seat, that are far better qualified than yourself or Andrew Saki, academically and experience wise.

Tell us what you know about Andrew Saki. So far as everyone is concern, he is categorically unqualified in every aspect. Leadership and management are totally different from the little politics that he and everyone else plays in Kundiawa. What you and I want is someone who has real credentials that can intelligently manage and run our province.

So stop telling Simbu and this forum "Bull-****".

Can't believe that you are very ill informed with the basics!!!

So please exercise some maturity in your discussions.

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krumugl nem!!

April 26 2002, 9:02 PM 

ya, you getting your head hot ha!! Bara,have an ice beer to calm you down. And don't you get too bitchy here.

How much do you know about him (Andrew Saki)to say he has no experience? Everyone one has experience and therefore they are confident to take up the position. If you don't know his experience, I should think you better zip it up than making judgemental comments.

You too get out of your bombshell but make sure you don't harm anyone.

yeah! Andrew Porr Saki is "da Bomb".

politics, my head is aching..ooh I need a penadol, krumul nem, can you give me one?

Sinasina nogut or tok stret...
sinegai mum..rulz

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Krumugl Nem

Re: krumugl nem!!

April 27 2002, 12:54 AM 


Nah!! I don't need an ice beer from you or anyone else to make my point. Fundamentally, you have failed to substantiate your arguments in relation to the said candidate. You have not answered Ambai and your sineyal wantok, the Rock.

They requested you to tell the board the credentials of this candidate. To date I have noticed that none of your postings constructively addressed the "credential aspect" of this candidate.

Oh my God!!!!! you asked me how well do I know Saki Por?

As a Simbu Student in UNITECH (1995-1998), I know him as the person who was hand-picked by then first Simbu SRC President (who was from Sinesine) of UNITECH. I also am aware of the fact that Saki Por has failed to complete his business degree program in 1998, after returning from the 1997 elections. So you tell me what else you know about him!!! so far as I am concerned he has absolutely zero professional work experience and the list goes on.

I am dumbfounded to see: How would you, as an educated Simbu lady, fall prey to an un-intelligent person who has nothing to put his hand up for.

As a matter of economic prosperity and development in the Province, we the people of Simbu deserve better than your lousy candidate!!! Your support for this candidate is like telling a kindagarden kid to attend lectures at a university!!!!!!.

You can't expect somebody who has been lying rusty for the last 5 years in some village somewhere in Karamui or Kerowagi to all of a sudden represent Simbu and PNG in international forums and high powered meetings domestically and internationally.

Professionally, he is a kid, let me remind you!!!!! He will make us all a laughing stock sist. So grow up!!!! thats what I am telling you!!!!!!! grow up and see the light, gal!!!

Yeah, if you wanna panadol, go run for it.!!!!...coz I am not prepared to run around looking for panadols for very unreasonable people like you.

Post something with substance!!! traim na tingting pastaim na opim maus nabaut, sinegai.!!!!

Krumugl Nem.
(Go Rock !!! and Go Ambai!!!)

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new commer

Got you facts wrong..Krumugl nem...

April 30 2002, 9:01 PM 

I am not interested in the discussions here but theres one thing that structs me in regards to what you (Krumugl nem) mentioned about Andrew. You got some facts wrong. Andrew Porr Saki did completed his degree and is currently a degree holder. So please do your reseach properly before bush firing. He is my wantok too so am not happy with the way you and gutsy carried on here. Have some respect for him. Try discuss some general political matters rather than individual candidates.

cheers..new commer

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May 1 2002, 11:17 PM 

Bro read the top of the board. "Please make the effort to post informative and detailed postings on candidates, parties and electorates." People have to talk about candidates. The people of PNG deserve to know what the candidates who are trying to rule this country for the next five years are like....are they good guys or crooks....are they womanisers or good family people.....are they geniuses or dumbheads.....are they clean living people or alcoholics.....are they communists or capitalists.....do they want privatisation or do they not want it......do they want free education or do they not want it....do they want autonomy or do they not want it....do they love PNG or do they hate it....

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Agree with new comer..

May 1 2002, 5:25 PM 

Krumugl nem, you are wrong. He is not from Sinesine and also New comer has mentioned that he did completed his degree at UNITECH. Anyway, he is from Karamui part Kerowagi. New comer, Correct me if I am wrong here. You seem to know him. He is not from my place, but by instincts I know he is the one to take Simbu to the next step higher. But I could be wrong.

I admit that I was wrong in the first place by telling the forum who I shall be voting, which some of you, especially Krumugl nem, seems to be hating my guts. Whatever, we will see how things go. This forum is not viewed by people in simbu so nothing here will benefit them, accept those who have access to internet.

Krumugl nem, plis isi lon mi ya.....yu yet save empty drums make alot of noise and thats me here...hehehe..ooooh...aaaaah!!!

By the way, new comer, where in Simbu are you from? Just in case I might have known you? You sound like someone I know. I beg your pardon if I am trying to bridge your privacy.

Anyway, lukim yupela lon polling day...

Sinegai mum rulz...

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Clement Waine

Fr Louis may be returned, but....

April 28 2002, 2:42 PM 

Given the number of contestants it looks more likely that Fr Louis will be returned. However, the question is: Is he the person who shall lead Simbu into the new millenium? Given the caliber of contestants I do not think Simbu has any real choice! (Is this why campaign in Simbu kicked off on a very low key? Or are people just lethargic about the 5yr electoral cycle?)

The recent history of Simbu can be summarised in something like this: Pioneers in 1950/60s (some of us are fortunate to be children of luluais, translators, policemen, etc.); Diaspora in 1970s (there is at least one Simbu in every remore corner of PNG who has moved there in 1960/70s); Prominence in 1980s (remember dominance in Highlands Zone, Sir Iambakey, etc); Division in early 1990s (Kora vs Konda); Decline in late 1990s. Simbu is now the backwater of Highlands! Each election is contested by political caricatures and wildcards of the like of Kerenga "Rubbishman" and Andrew Saki Por. I hope this election, the voters will rise up to the occasion with some sense of decency and commonsense to elect somebody to embody a Simbu renaissance.

One other point I like to comment on regarding the notion of people producing and their leaders exploring market options. I think we all have heard this since we started our 1st grade. Why don't we make the producer and the consumer the one and the same person? In other words, people should be encouraged to eat what they produce. We need to graduate our people out of the mentality of "cash-crop" producers. Have you heard this phrase before? Sell the crops for cash! I find mothers in Gembogl selling carrots, peas, and strawberries because somebody told them they were "cash-crops". Somebody should tell them now that they are good food for their families to eat and teach them how to prepare good decent meals. Improve their quality of food and hence their life.

My thoughts.


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Simbu Regional....

April 28 2002, 3:07 PM 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you that the voters will rise up to the occasion with some sense of decency and commonsense to elect somebody to embody a Simbu renaissance. We need someone with good credentials but at the same time very practical, someone who has a heart for Simbu and can really do something for Simbu. Some people are so stiff in their political opinions and they fail to rationalise and judge the candidates accordingly. I hope the people will look beyond their 'wantoks' and see the true qualities and potentials of the different candidates.

Yes, the cash-crop mentality is true. We need to educate our people that these are good nutritious food and teach them how to make different dishes at home. However, if they produce surplus, and if there is a market to sell these surplus then that is good. The money they earn from their surplus produce can be used to buy other things that they are not able to produce, like soap, salt etc. By the way, the women in the Gembogl area have begun to make soap and jam. If the Simbu provincial government recognises and encourages this, it would be good for our youth and women. I know some women who have very innovative ideas but they lack funding.

Thanks for reading and opinions welcome.

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Alternative to `cash Crop mentality`

April 28 2002, 4:10 PM 

Your views are good,I agree with you that we have to move on from the `cash crop mentality` but looks like you miss some importand facts here about women in gembogl selling good nutritious food at the markets;
Firstly, vegetables are grown for commercial markets in the Northern part of gembogl because coffee or other `cash crops` as commonly understood cannot grow there due to the cold climate. This does not mean they do not know the nutrional value of their food, in fact they know and they can cook very well too. You just have to visit a home and you will know.

Since the transition into cash economy, we have to have many alternative means of cash income rahter than the `cash crop income mentality` for rural people. Rural Women will continue to sell their surplus garden produces at the market as this is their main avenue to earn money.

Apart from a lot of very innovative things happening amoung women enterpreuners around the province, would you have some suggestions to offer to the women of Simbu that would be low tech, cost less to start and is appropriate to the bulk of the women population who live in the rural villages of Simbu.

Your suggestions would be helpfull.

Kulkane ambai.

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Alternative to `cash Crop mentality`

April 28 2002, 4:14 PM 

Your views are good, but looks like you miss some importand facts here about women in gembogl selling good nutritious food at the markets;
Firstly, vegetables are grown for commercial markets in the Northern part of gembogl because coffee or other cash crops cannot grow there due to the cold climate. This does not mean they do not know the nutrional value of their food, in fact they know and they can cook very well too. You just have to visit a home and you will know.

Since the transition into cash economy, we have to have many alternative means of cash income rahter than the `cash crop income mentality` for rural people. Rural Women will continue to sell their surplus garden produces at the market as this is their main avenue to earn money.

Apart from a lot of very innovative things happening amoung women enterpreuners around the province, would you have some suggestions to offer to the women of Simbu that would be low tech, cost less to start and is sustainable for women.

Your suggestions would be helpfull.

Kulkane ambai.

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Re: Why Go for Joe Bal??

October 19 2009, 12:31 AM 

I think you really told the story right. May God bless us all.

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A charismatic leader needed: 'To control from the Engine Room (NEC)'

May 1 2002, 4:49 AM 

Hi all Simbus:

From my earlier posting (cut & paste):
My view is that, Simbu urgently needs a new flamboyant, firebrand, agressive, dynamic and outspoken (CHARISMATIC) leader to emerge straight after this election, if not in 2007. Our politicians lack the 'arrogance', in a better sense. I have not seen a single Simbu politician with the intelligence and magnetsim of the late Sir Iambakey Okuk.

We continously find our so called educated and well learned politicians becoming "carpet cleaners" on the floor of Parliament. Shifting their alliances everytime there is a change of government!!! Do we have to rely on weak and uncharacterised politicians like that? I say "No".

If the politicians we elect into Parliament every elections are 'playing marbles' so to speak, then, what that tells me is that they lack the character and aptitude to be leaders themselves amongst other leaders on the floor of Parliament. Going back to my point; We want leaders who will be leaders in the corridors of Waigani.

Simbu requires a firm and solid representation within the inner core of National Executive Council, so as to expedite solutions towards real issues affecting Simbu within the context of policy, planning, funding and implementation. Only then, effective results will be seen on the ground throughout the province.

Why am I so concerned about the sort of leader ("Charismatic") I described above?

Look at the facts. We are practically reliant on the National Government Buget every single year. That is a known fact. What is also known is that our provincial economy is not self-sustaining and realistically the province is never going to generate any more
revenues than it is currently. The little revenue that comes into the purse of the Provincial Government is in the form of Tax Returns from the very insignificant business houses in Kundiawa. Unlike the other
highlands provinces and others throughout PNG, we are literally surviving on the hand-out that comes from Waigani.

We need political leaders who will think lateral and think big, folks. And be able to see the bigger
picture or else we will forever be represented by leaders whom I would like to term as "sitting-dug" MPs in the Parliament.

My view is that, a leader who can orchestrate and function solidly within the inner core of NEC can ultimately deliver goods and services to his/her province.

I say, enough of this habit of playing second fiddle in politics. It may be a wishfull taught but I hope that the spirit of the late Sir. Iambakey is resurrected in one of our elected politicians!!!!!

My taughts.


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Clement Waine

I like this posting....

May 1 2002, 7:17 AM 

Finally, we have realised the same thing (or are we not?) From the current line-up, the type of leadership you described and desired are far from it! Maybe Barbara Buckley will be the one! (I just do not see the male species fitting your description!!)


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Re: I like this posting....

May 1 2002, 8:09 AM 


I think we are more or less seeing the same.

My view is that our politicians have been subjective instead of being objective. They lack the very fundamental criterias of a firebrand politician. All with the exception of the late Sir Iambakey, were not able to significantly impact the lifes of the people of Simbu!!

Simbu urgently needs a leader who is dynamic and able to re-direct the province immediately after this election. Either from the Provincial or Open electorates, I would like to see someone at the helm of the political landscape of this country. Only then, my belief is that the province will see alot done in its favour!!!be it business, politics, education, rural development, health service.. etc...

We are practically very reliant on the National Government, therefore it is very necessary to elect someone who can be innovative and objective. We need someone who is truly a lateral thinker!!!!! who can think beyond every origins and create opportunities for Simbus in this new millienium.

A intelligent tactician!!!! That is what Simbu want.

My taughts.


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Who is Barbara Buckley?

May 1 2002, 12:13 PM 

I agree what you twos are saying about a charismatic leader to lead Simbu, however some of us from Simbu do not know enough or anything at all about Barbara Buckley, Could you provide us with some further information about her?


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Clement Waine

Barbara Buckley

May 2 2002, 2:10 AM 

She is the wife of Simeon Wai (MP, Karimui-Nomane). She, I believe, was involved with women's activities around Sina-sina area over the last few years. She was a student at UPNG late-1980s but completed her studies in a Uni in Aussie. You see I do not know much about her but I am playing the devil's advocate here, given the caliber of the male species contesting the seat! They are 2 female contestants (Veronica Marme Umba and Barbara). I would like one of them to win, to prove to the men-folk in Simbu that women can do it, and do it better! It would be a real eye-opener for the male-kind!


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Tok tasol

Re: Barbara Buckley

May 2 2002, 10:57 AM 

Babara-A crooked politician's wife is contesting Simbu Regional.I hope she is not gonna be influenced by her husband.

Nil Nera Nem

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Clement Waine

This is the irony!

May 2 2002, 11:38 AM 

I also hope she will not be "influenced" by any person but should use her own creativity in governing the province, if she wins. I hate to say "she is guilty by association". I would like to respect her as a person and not judging her by her association or the lack thereof!

I am only playing the devil's advocate here because I think all the candidates lack the flare and charisma Rock wanted and described above.


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Hope she wins.

May 2 2002, 10:59 AM 

Thanks Clement for the information about Barbara Buckly and also mentioning Veronica Marme Umba.It is really a pity I have never heard of them both because I used to work with and for the women of Simbu for the last 13 years and never heard of them or seen them involved in any of the women`s work in Simbu.

I hope they get a fair chance and given the publicity maybe Barbara has a chance, but I am doubtfull.

At least it is good to know there is a Simbu male out there advocating for a woman to win the Simbu Regional seat.

Kulkane Ambai.

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Clement Waine

Go you Simbu Ladies...

May 2 2002, 11:43 AM 

I do not care one bit who wins Simbu regional,Veronica, Barbara or some male-kind. I will wish the winner good-luck!

I know one thing: Feminine Instincts are Always Right.

Go you Simbu ladies! You are second to none!


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Right man!

May 6 2002, 9:38 PM 


Bara you right man. The one who married you must have been the lucky one. YOu are a real modern man compared to some SImbu guys that I know.

You are one of a kind and what can I say..but wished that every PNG male is like you.


Sinegai mum

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Clement Waine

I am flattered.....

May 7 2002, 2:08 AM 

But I think I am the lucky man to marry my wife! Without her, I would be so stooped in my old ways of thinking!

Yogi Bera (the shortest Yankee), whose phrases are making their way into famous American quotes these days said: "Behind every successful man is a faithful wife but behind me is an umpire". Ever saw a baseball game? The umpire stands at the back of the player batting! In the game of life, feminine instincts are the umpire that rules the game!

But I like the Simbu way of old! Fathers preparing the first pigs for mothers and children during pig-killing times and then prepare the bigger part for guests, friends, etc. This is the only practice in PNG, we Simbus are proud of. Mothers and children ahead of friends and guests - just makes me proud!


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Tru yet.

May 7 2002, 12:33 PM 

Tru, sapos olgeta man long Simbu igat seim tingting olsem yu, yumi orait nating tru.

Kainkain pasin ikam paulim tingting blong yumi nau na yumi ino holim pasin tumbuna, tasol long sait blong wokim gutpela pasin long ol harapela, simbu yumi karim stret. Just know that you are not alone in being a proud Simbu, we all are despite what others say.

Simbu makanmam.

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Simbu Angra

Re: Tru yet.

May 21 2002, 7:39 PM 

kulkane ambai,
You seem to be a very ambitious woman trying all your might and strength to penetrate your nose into private affairs of other woman.Maski skin hot na stikim nose igo insait long politiks.Save istap long wanwan man na meri.Em bai more gut sapos yu go bek na planim sampela kaukau na lukautim sampela pik bai yu ken kilim na wokim pati next taim.Nau yet yu traim klinim bek yad bilong yu pastaim.Em kaikai bilong tintin tasol.Simbu Angra

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Re: I am flattered.....

May 7 2002, 12:42 PM 

I'm sorry Clement, but I have to agree with my father when he says, Beside every great man, is a great woman.


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Full Support Sister

May 7 2002, 4:21 PM 

Elvina Sister

Agree with you that Beside every great man is a great woman.

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Clement Waine

This is true too...

May 8 2002, 3:11 AM 

Yogi Bera also said: "When you come to the fork in the road, take it". Apparently, he lives at the end of it! In my case, the umpire is at the back, not by choice but by fate! Sooner than later, I will be the umpire at the back and guess what, I have learnt how to cook and prepare a good fettucine with asparagus scream and ground meat.

Elvina, how is life at Brisbane and QUT? I lost contact with Miok Komolong. I sent 2 e-mails to UniTech but no response from there.


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May 7 2002, 8:35 PM 


how lucky you are in marrying the lucky woman.

Anyway, back to the theme, initailly when Barbara told Simeon that she wanted to contest for the elections, he (Simeon Wai) didn't agree. He was totally against her contesting for the elections and never gave any sort of moral support to her. She, however, didnt care less what her husband thought about her and went ahead. (Um..I like her style.) I mean, a husband should support whatever his wife tires to do. Not like what Simeon wai did. However, maybe he has his own reasons for doing so, but generally I do not like this kind of attitute from men. They should support women.

So you exceptional ones out there, try show some respect for ladies in whatever they try to accomplish.

Sorry, I cannot see myself fitting into your so called trational way. I am a modern lady. I am not wearing my grass skirt so why should I consider the traditional way such as male domination. Oops!! Hard stret.......

kera one

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Clement Waine

A case of Wai vs Gore

May 8 2002, 3:15 AM 

Recently, Tipper Gore was tipped to run for a senate seat in Tennessee. The rumour circulated for a while till it reached the national press. At the crucial moment Tipper was reported to have chosen not to run for the seat. The interpretation? Al Gore was going for the US President, again.

Lesson 1
Tipper vs Barbara?
Barbara won

Lesson 2
Al vs Simeon?
Both lost (at least I would like to think this way!)


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Simbu Provincial Seat: Any updates ?

May 17 2002, 4:32 AM 

Anyone with the some information about the current and more recent trends in campaign for the Simbu Provincial Seat: Please let us know.!!!!!

Wakai pil en topna ....


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Simbu upgate

May 17 2002, 11:24 AM 

According to a lot of reliable sources from Simbu, it looks as the current Governor will win his seat back.

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May 26 2002, 6:26 PM 

John Palma Mori is my choice for Simbu reginol. He is intelligent with university qualifications. I'm not bragging or overexaggeratng but i have met the man and he is a great guy with the qualifications. So vote one JOHN MORI. Plus it's his destiny, he is the true nephew of the legendary Yambaka Okuk.

and i'm not under any payment to say this. I genuinely think he should get it.

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relation to the mori's in hagen?

May 27 2002, 10:23 PM 

Is he of any relation to the mori's in mt hagen? ...watna?

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John Red

Re: relation to the mori's in hagen?

May 28 2002, 7:43 AM 

I think is late elder brother Kawai Mori was married to a lady from Hagen.

But John is a full blooded Simbu!!!!!! Dad from Chuave and mom is the younger sister of the late Sir Iambaley Okuk!!!!

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John Mori all the way

May 31 2002, 7:10 PM 

hey so u know watna. yeah her dad is kawai mori, and that's her uncle, john. John's mother is infact iambaka okuk's OLDER sister. If u r in contact with her, tell her to come rally some support here!


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Re: Who is hot for the Simbu Regional Seat??

June 10 2002, 5:33 AM 

Give us an update ol lain Simbu!!!

What is happening in the race for the Governor's post!!!!Is Fr. Lui Ambane really HOT as people say???

Just give us an update please!!!!!


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