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Western Highlands is about to explode!!!

June 11 2002 at 9:12 PM
Hagen & Western Highlands Updates 

Wantoks, Western Highlands is about to explode!!! If the stories are true about bashings and attacks all around the outlying areas of WHP and simmering tension between different groups it could be WHP, and not SHP, that becomes the powder keg of these elections.
Please!! Is there anyone who can confirm the stories that are trickling down into Moresby from Hagen? Is there anyone logging into the scape from Hagen

[ toksave - we have changed the headings-Wantokz ]

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June 12 2002, 5:35 PM 

Bro you know what...

the bunch of Kanges a reaping the fruits of Wingti's worst crimes on poor PNGeans...

He reaped and raped the whole virgin nation off....

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June 25 2002, 2:56 PM 

You got it wrong, souths.

Yupela ol Souths karim bad influence bilong yupela
ikam long HNG yah.
Yu guys .... maski..

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ftom Today's Post Courier

Hagen is exploding!! This is just the start

June 18 2002, 10:16 AM 

Violence erupts near Mt Hagen

ELECTION-related violence has reportedly left houses burned, a candidate assaulted, two vehicles damaged and five polling stations disrupted.
A policeman who visited the area said the houses were still burning just outside Mount Hagen, in the Hagen Open electorate when he arrived. He said the candidate was also allegedly assaulted in the Mount Hagen Open electorate.
Provincial police commander Allan Kundi said he did not receive any formal report of the incident. But he did receive unconfirmed reports of a prominent woman stoned in that area.
Highlands commander, Assistant Police Commissioner Alfred Reu, said he had received reports of the damage to a vehicle belonging to a candidate and the disruptions of five polling stations, four in the Hagen area and another in the Dei electorate.
He said at Muglamp in the Dei area, polling was suspended and it will resume today. Other stations disturbed in the Hagen area were at Confam, Kelua 1 and Kelua 2 and in Mount Hagen town.
At Confam, Hagen MP Paul Pora’s 10-seater Toyota Landcruiser was damaged and all its glasses, one front headlight, spotlights and the doors were extensively damaged. Three supporters of Mr Pora were also stoned by supporters of another candidate. The trio sustained injuries.
Victim Paulenu Pomba said they were driving into the polling station at Confam to witness the polling when supporters of the other candidate stopped their vehicles and attacked them.
Mr Pomba said they left the vehicles and ran for their lives. He was still bleeding from a head wound when he spoke to the Post-Courier.

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Re: Western Highlands is about to explode!!!

June 18 2002, 2:50 PM 

It is believed that two major bridges along the Baiyer road that links the people of Mul-Baiyer to Hagen as been burned and destroyed. And also believe to be that further violence will erupt along the road.

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Let it explode

June 18 2002, 5:41 PM 

Just let it explodes. Who cares!

Mul North, this is out of context. Cant you read the the topic'PNG Policts'??

This is not EMTV Comentry for you to put this up???
Be constructive, Mate!

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update from kange country

2 Dead in Hagen, more to follow.

June 19 2002, 10:56 AM 

From post courier. The story is confirmed. There are also more people being brought into the Hagen Hospital. Engans are also holding the two Hagen Central guys responsible for their countryman's death.

Two killed at polls

TWO men were reported dead and a returning officer was stabbed and in critical condition in election related violence in the Western Highlands yesterday.
And all business has ground to a standstill in Mount Hagen town and surrounding areas.
Provincial Police Commander Allan Kundi confirmed the death of one man in town while the other was reported shot dead in the Mul area of the province.
The stabbing of North Wahgi Returning Officer Andrew Walep resulted in the suspending of polling in that area.
The Post-Courier was reliably told that supporters of one candidate allegedly shot dead a supporter of another candidate in the Mul area.
At the time Mr Kundi met the reporters, he had not received any reports on shooting at the Mul area.
The other man was shot dead during a clash between supporters of two candidates for the Mount Hagen open seat.
The Post-Courier was also told that the dead man was the supporter of one of the candidates.
Electoral Commission officials yesterday confirmed the two deaths as well as the stabbing of Mr Walep.
They said the body of the man shot in town has been admitted to the Mount Hagen Hospital morgue, while it was not clear last night where the body of the one killed in Mul was.
Mr Walep was visiting polling booths in Banz when the incident happened. Electoral officials said he was at the Kimilti Tea Factory polling booth when he was stabbed.
He was quickly airlifted to Kudjip Nazerene Hospital where he was reported to be in critical condition last night.
Arrangements to fly him to Port Moresby were underway late last night.
According to Mr Kundi, former South Waghi/Anglimp MP Kuk Kuli’s son held up policemen escorting ballot boxes back to Mount Hagen and made off with four boxes, two National and two LLG ones.
The Police Chief said police re-enforcement later retrieved the ballot boxes and they were now in police custody and being disputed.
He also said supporters of another candidate in the same electorate held up polling officials and policemen with firearms and walked off with three ballot boxes and ballot papers.
To date, he said they were still outstanding and no-one knew where they were, and what was being done with them.
Mr Kundi also confirmed the assault of a candidate for the Mount Hagen Open seat and identified him as Doctor John McKup.
He said at the time Dr McKup came to lodge the complaint, one of his hands was in a sling.
Mr Kundi also said Dr McKup complained that four vehicles were damaged, houses set on fire, two men admitted to the hospital and five others received wounds during clashes between his supporters and supporters of another candidate.
Meanwhile, polling in the province will be extend to today in some parts of the province.
Mr Kundi said in the Nebilyer area, there were not enough LLG ballot papers and the polling was delayed until today.
He also said polling in the Jimi area started yesterday at 4 pm and will continue today.

Stories this morning of more fighting in Mul Beier and Anglimp South Waghi. We are just hoping that Tambul Nebilyer stays quiet. Police are terrified and are too scared to go out into the rural areas. But there are same brave ones who are going out to escort the Electoral Commission officers and they are saying that they are going to shoot to kill.
Over and out from Kange country.

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Haen Update!!

Wingti looks like he is coming back. But hagen is on fire!!

June 19 2002, 9:46 PM 

A campaign manager from Nelga was shot dead in Mul Beiyer. Tribal war is about to break out and nobody is on the streets.
Hagen town gunshots can be heard tonight. We think people might be fighting but we are not sure. Police are going to shoot to kill and are protecting the ballot boxes. They are saying that if anybody wants a ballot box they are heading for the wooden box six feet underground. We salute the true heroes.
Hagen central is on the knife edge. Some candidates supporters are bashing anybody they can see in town. one prominent candidate a businessman was bashed up in town. Several people were caught double voting and were bashed up and panel beaten and then brought to the police station. I dont think there mothers will recognise them now.
Wingti is back. He looks very strong. Paul Pora is back. I dont know about the other seats.
Over and out from Hagen town.

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North MUL

WHP is going NUTS

June 19 2002, 10:01 PM 

wait till the midea in AUSTRALIA hears about.... what a shame!!

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Mul Central

Re: WHP is going NUTS

June 19 2002, 10:07 PM 

No Mul north, yu opim traipela maus blo yu stap yet. I don't think they heard you in AFRICA so run that by us all again!!

We can all read the papers, we know what's happening so please quit posting all this. It reflects very badly on the majority of the peace-loving people of Mul-Baiyer.

Thank you.

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from another site

Hagen Central in turmoil!!

June 20 2002, 10:24 AM 

Yesterday's newspaper had it that sitting Hagen Open MP Paul Pora's campaign vehicle was smashed right off with some of his supporters in the vehicle being assulted with knives and axes by supporters of a rival candidate. Unconfirmed reports from Hagen allege that it was Oki Berem's supporters from the Keme tribe near Konfarm carried out the assult.In retaliation to this, the Yamkas hijacked Oki's campaign vehicle and smashed it then.

Even then, while voting was taking place at Tega, Paul Pora's stronghold, it is alleged that two truck loads of William Duma's supporters came to the polling booth at Tega and ripped off three boxes on the assumption that people were doing double votes there. This resulted in a commotion where two of Mr Duma's supporters were fatally wounded and admitted to hospital.

Mean while there was a clash between Andrew Nui and William Duma's supporters armed with guns which resulted in the death of an Engan man.

Another candidate Dr John Mackup was assulted and wounded on his arm allegedly by his own tribesman who were Paul Pora' supporters. Four of his campaign vehicles were smashed!

This above unfortunate events is unbecoming of the Hagen Open Seat which during previous elections was peaceful and people were at liberty to decide who they wanted to vote.

They are a clear indication that so much money and another materials were heavily circulated during the election to secure votes. Even the supporters through the hand out benefits prove their loyalty by ensuring that their candidate gets what he wants or otherwise live to get rid anything which they see is a threat to their candidates progress towards ultimate power.

These events indicate that our political system is deeply entrenched in our culture where the 'bigman' mentality goes on to assimilite all or any resources, be it millions of cash, expensive cars (as obvious during the elections) to uphold and mantain that name in the struggle for power.

Even then we note that our ordinary people (even ourselves)
within their own clan or tribe live with the mentality that the "name must not go down" or rather in tokples " teninga bi mana pi nupanga".

Thus we see that those falling unfortunate victims to elections are the candidates own tribesman. Getting into power, as evident from the current trends, not only bestows 'bigman' status to the candidate but is in essence it brings glory, pride and value into the tribe in contemporary Hagen society.

Such trend of thought has often misled our people to vote blindly after instead of looking at the qualities of the leader. As such we have failed to see tangible developements being brought into our electorates due to ineffective leaders chosen by us . As educated Western Highlanders we should seek to flee from the 'tribal 'and 'bigman' mentality. Its about time we look at issues collectively instead of confining ourselves to our tribal politics and business. Our province needs us to develop. In order to do that, we must work together.

Let us hope in the next few days as the counting is going on that WHP gets some right leaders into parliament.. leaders who hold their people dear to their heart and do things in the best interest of these people.

Eh manda nent!

Catch Mulai!!


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kange country

It looks like Wingti is back.

June 20 2002, 11:10 AM 

Paias is back everyone. He looks very strong. The word from Hagen.

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Re: Western Highlands is about to explode!!!

June 20 2002, 12:43 AM 

The latest is that 6 up to 7 men have been killed, in WHP.

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Re: Re: Western Highlands is about to explode!!!

June 20 2002, 1:42 AM 

Firstly, I must say I may sound racist but I have been thinking about this for a long time and want to share it.I do not mean to discredit my brothers from the Highlands but I think the issue needs to be discussed for the good of society, PNG.This is a small reflection of 10 years of my life in the Highlands about politics-related violence.

I am sad to hear 6 people have been killed and others injured in WHP.I offer my condolences to the families of those who lost their loved ones and relatives.I wonder what makes the supporters, the simple people lay their precious lives for candidates as seen in Mt.Hagen or in other parts of PNG for that matter? In my view the killings are related to tribalism in which support for candidates in the Highlands are deeply rooted in tribal lines, not necessarily in general or specific virtues of leadership qualities,standing in community etc, although this appears at times.That is why in elections every tribe put up a candidate. They trust their own tribesman more than another tribe.The Highlanders have a competitive instinct or aggression, fight and really fight for being the best and successful which is good.But that competitive instinct and aggression are misapplied in many contexts (politics, business,sports, dance,party etc)resulting in unfairness,threats,force,and human right abuses and causing disharmony in society. I still have to see clean, fair competition and fight among my brothers especially from the Highlands.This should be something they may have to seriously look at and make adjustments of themselves accordingly so that their beautiful land is really paradise.

More often than not any issue that emerge from there always turn out destructive,and eventually cost lives - death.That is why politics in the highlands is a matter of 'life and death' just like it is when land and other properties become issues of contentions.The period after election will linger with it discontentment,tensions,and payback mentality that could perpetuate disharmony between tribes and villages.

My hope is that all leaders (traditional and learned) should intervene now or later and bring lasting peace.At the same time carryout awareness on cooperative and peaceful living,conflict resolutions, foster greater understanding and respect between tribes and community at large.

In the meantime all attention will be geared towards peace and compensation for those injured or killed.Soon someone will emerged and declare total responsibility for installing peace and am sure the simple people are waiting for such person.

I hope the Highlands is brought back to its safer periods I use to enjoy in the 70s and 80s.

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June 20 2002, 5:56 PM 

I agree that the people of the highlands have a lot of pride and therefor elctions can become a matter of life or death.

I love the strong tribal bonds though and never want to see them broken but when it comes to elections we need to use western mentality or more, democratic mentality,with freedom of choice. Bigmen like the Nui's think they can jack people around with their money, how very sad, they can't even run their own lives properly.

What the people ofthe hihglands need to do, especilly WHP is vote with their brains, and not with their eyes. Vote long term and not short. There is nevran assurance that the winning candidate will not end up corrupt, all we can do is hope.

AND by all means, not let Wingti in!

kanda catch

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Tribal War within the Jigas and other tribes as Kange powder keg sparks.

June 24 2002, 7:38 PM 

Hagen is about to explode!!!

The Jika tribe is splitting up. William Duma's Jika Milagumps are about to go to war with Nui's Jika Nungumpis. Police discovered a cache of guns about to be smuggled in.

Mul Beieyer is also in flames as relatives of the man killed are trying to avenge him.

The Yamka tribe is also engulfed in infighting with two people already dead.

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Re: Tribal War within the Jigas and other tribes as Kange powder keg sparks.

June 24 2002, 7:57 PM 

What are the police doing?!!! The Jikas have gone and welded the gates of Kapal house shut. People are getting belted up alaround town. The yamkas are fully armed and turning people away from Hagen Airport. The Mul Beiyers are chasing each other across the country side. Innocent bystanders like that poor Engan are getting assaulted and shot. But police have disappeared!!!!! Yupela stap we?!!

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Re: Re: Western Highlands is about to explode!!!

June 19 2006, 9:24 PM 

These are the things that we must avoid in the f uture

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Re: Western Highlands is about to explode!!!

June 23 2002, 12:05 AM 

Western Highlands are a bunch of showoffs. Who cares bout them. Let them explode!!

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Re: Re: Western Highlands is about to explode!!!

June 23 2002, 12:49 AM 

this is why we never advance in anything of any nature

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You've made that decision and non other

June 23 2002, 10:46 AM 

The "explosion" in Western Highlands is deliberate and criminal. The extent, shape, form and size of the explosion in Western Highlands is a matter of choice amongst Western Highlanders and none other. When something is not right, we must make the choice that would either aggravate or minimise the problem. If Western Highlander's have chosen to aggravate, they must take responsibility for all the consequences. After all, nogat man i tokim yupla long kilim yupla.


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Power is money

June 23 2002, 12:25 PM 

No wonder Western Highlanders are the real money lovers. You know what?, they know that power is money. Almost every day there is a robbery, pocket-picking or stealing of some sort going on in Hagen town which are done by very healthy, young looking, muscular men from Hagen itself. This type of stealing can be done in other places like Enga by people who have no homes, no food, no parents, and no place to stay but it's obviously the opposite for Hagen people. Obviously, they love money so much that they can even give their own lives for money. Instead of looking after their own beautiful, Hagen town and the people who go there to contribute to develop their place, they turn around and steal from them in the broad day light, even inside the shops, bus-stops and the public market places. So many a times Hagen people have robbed all banks in their own what, it used to be called a Hagen city. This name (Hagen city) needs to be changed to a new name like a 'Ghost' town. Any way, the main reason for these sort of evil practises by Hagen people is because they want money.

So when we talk about power, Hagen people clearly refer to it as their sweet money. Even if it means to die they are willingly offer themselves for it as long as they get their men in the Parliment because they know that after all they will be compensated for their hardwork with easy cash. So actually the Kanges are not fighting for power as we think they are but are fighting for MONEY not even for the whole province but for their own individual consumption.

If you are one of the Kanges reading this, please don't be annoyed by this but you need to go back and tell your fellow mates to settle down and do a honest work to earn money. I know no one can argue about what I have said above because it is a fact.

It is a good news for the Kanges fighting and dying over money but the bad news is that they are leaving us, the rest of the Highlands Provinces and even the whole country of PNG with a very bad impression.

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Sauan....you are very very right.......Kaimi, kini eret kini lelyen....

June 23 2002, 1:16 PM 

Kaimi Sauan...

Bata bo mi, yu rait stret....ol save kokeim susa blo ol lo money tu ya honest....

They are just happy to lose their lives for the shake of MR MONEY...

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Maintaining Tribal Bonds vs Peace

June 24 2002, 12:00 AM 

Thanks to Ambkai for his postings above.I agree with you about maintaining tribal bonds as I do with mine.Tribal bonds are uniquely important in PNG where we live, respect,share,consult and look after each other tribally.This has been the trend we had lived, shaping and nuturing and enculturing us- our entire being, thus who we are and what we are today.Such a way of living cannot continue to be so as we are confronted by the demand for change in the clothes we wear,towns and cities have grown out from villages,formal education introduced new ways of learning and making sense of the world which we never in the stone age, we have travelled in cars,boats and aeroplanes and the science and technology bringing about a revolution in communication and making the world as they call a shrinking one. I ponder whether these changes are more than sufficient to open up our eyes and our minds (brains) to think and choose a path to live in a community of tribes with dignity,honesty, respect,love and work hard and live in harmony,and using our good knowledge and wisdom to solve our problems we face in our respective communities amicably.In short where is our 'common sense?'

PNG has a national problem (Law and Order) because provinces and tribes that comprise PNG as a nation still condone tribal warfare as against peaceful consultation and conflict resolution,within tribes and provinces we perpetuate a culture of aggressiveness,looting, selfishness and greediness culminating into Law and Order problems. Underlying this problem is perhaps the unfair society we have created for ourselves (poor against the rich) power vs Powerless, etc.We have no homogenous national culture but great differential values, and prejudices, e,g what in the New Guinea Islands may value are quite different to the Sepiks, Highlanders and Pauans values and vice versa.We are so different that such a difference naturally cause divisions,feelings of hatred, etc.This goes to show we are not nationally bonded in mind,feelings and actions.Also our tribes which we naturally will inlcine to allign ourselves with against nationalism is likely to tear PNG apart now than before.I think there are more feelings, and perceptions of regionalism and tribalism in PNG now than ever before because each person comming out as a PNGean from a tribal bond has been encultured/indoctrinated/brainwashed tribally especially with those values,prejudices and stereotypes that other triobes and regions may question.

So if we ask where is the roots of PNG? It is the tribe, who lived before PNG was known as an independent country. It is this foundation that is problematic in PNG.While our tribal bonds are good we need to reassess it and throw away those values and prejudices in tribes that are bad,rotten and are potentially dangerous to a united district, province, region and for a peaceful and law abiding country.

In reflecting this to various conflicts in PNG tribalism, in my view needs to be overhauled. Our so called and supposedly learned modern leaders need to focus on tribal programmes/activity that will make our tribes to unlearn their values and prejudices relative to peace, respect for lives,and understanding. Doing all these over time will culminate in peaceful living,respect for each other,and embracing a peaceful approach to conflict resolution.Then when elections come around all people will respect the law and let true democracy prevail during campaigning , polling and vote counting and true and honest leaders will emerge.Therefore lets go deeper to the foundations of PNG - the tribe and reasses,readjust and reborn ourselves with new understanding and come forth and save PNG from all misery of warfares now happening during election time and other times.

All tribes in PNG need rebirth!!!! before we can have a good, peaceful and understanding people of PNG.

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June 24 2002, 9:02 AM 

That's very true but I think only the Kanges must re-emerge with purified DNA.....there's something wrong in their system....

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Everyone else needs Kange genes

June 24 2002, 9:26 AM 

Kanges certainly do not need to be reborn.
They are aggressive and are fit to survive in this competitive world- be it in business,politics,etc.

So if we are to stand out in the world, we need kange genes.


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Re: Everyone else needs Kange genes

June 24 2002, 10:07 AM 

If you force people to carry your genes which is typical of the way you speak and act, shame on you.If the people had their democratic choice to freely exercise to choose to carry genes,Kange genes will be a last bet because they would't want to kill each other during elections and rob banks, etc.

Furthermore how can you stand out in the world when you are killing each other like that, robbing the banks and the like? I guess you are one lucky guy and not a true Kange, because true Kange will be concern about what is happening and will find a solution rather then exposing yourself here as a hero on this board..man..be a true Kange and condemn what is happening.Yu orait or waia long het blo yu lus nabaut?

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Proud PNGan

Kanges genes is same as Bin Laden's Genes

June 24 2002, 10:33 AM 

If you think everybody needs Kanges Genes,mate you are definitely WRONG. But I know who needs it badly, Bin Laden and his Al Queda Network definitely need it , not PNG so why cant that PROUD KANGE go and sell it to him for the LOVE OF MONEY.
BIN LADEN HAS ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY LIVES AND KILL THEM FOR HIS CAUSE NOT PNG. You are boasting about Money but just remember JUDIAS ISCARIOT sold his life for a few coins, and not PAPUA NEW GUINEA...I thought we are smarter than that. ITS A SHAME TO HEAR FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU BRINGING OUR NAME DOWN TO ****>>DEfinitely PNG could do well without you. Think again my friend.
_Civilised Kange (PNGan)

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Kandepen Yakolelyo,

June 25 2002, 4:03 PM 

Gutpela brata blo mi Kandepen, thank you very much for your most encouraging words. Bro, yu mas save that mipela ino olsem ol ha, laka. Koo pake nao paenge dupa lao nepambana kae.

Brata blo mi, yu sapotim usat long Kandep? Mi save lakim na supotim Jimson Sauk from before yet. James Tumbin em i poroman na classmate blo mi stret long high school na Don Pulye em ilook olsem wanpela gutpela man too so whoever wins bai mi hamamas tsol.

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Don't be so self-righteous

June 25 2002, 5:06 PM 

You Engans can't act so self-righteous, like your sh*t don't stink!

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Sauan....Kaimi, ....akali Timbai koo pimalenge salim lao muni nyoo nenge ....

June 26 2002, 1:19 PM 

Kai Sauan,

Apaingi, embam kini eret lelye....

Akali Timbai durupa eret pongo andaeke muni iki kurao karenge pia.....nyakama pimalengepe me salim lao muni nyoo nelyami kanje.....

Bro you are a right man with right mind......what I have just said above is very true.....

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Hagen Update: Wingti looks like he is back

June 26 2002, 10:50 AM 

From all the stories, it looks like Paias Wingti may be back as Governor of Western Highlands.

Hagen Open is going to be a tight fight between William Duma and Paul Pora but Pora should scrape over the line.

The town is still very tense. Jikas are fighting among themselves and Yamkas as well. We are not sure what is going to happen if there is a disturbance at the town center where counting is taking place all of Hagen could burn.

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Interested Observer

Hagen Update: Wingti looks like he is back

June 26 2002, 11:26 AM 

Bro, if what you say is true, Western Highlands needs Wingti more than ever before. He is the only person strong enough to govern. Mt Hagen and services were running very smoothly during his tenure as Governor and Western Highlands was looked upon as the "model province " at the time.

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he is back..but mi poret long dispela kain man ia!!!!!

June 26 2002, 11:58 AM 

I think WHP in the times of PW was run and though it was well run ,it ended with huge debts that were repaid in Lak's regime, a debt to the tune of more than K20 million.The current problems from the time of Lak up to the 2002 election could have been created by design to justify PW's return.If WHP people cannot see beyond this speck of cloud then something is wrong with all.Utimately if Wingti enters Parliament PNG will
go to the dogs. I have a strongly fearful feeling about him to lead PNG beacuse he will put his key men in various positions to protect his backside as he did before so that we do not have any more evidence about about Cayman Island deposits.Mi poret na stap isi na lukluk.

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