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Manus Regional Result - Discussions

June 25 2002 at 10:57 AM

Manus, if you have bad govt for next 5 years, you only have yourselves to blame...For voting out Pokawin and replacing him with Paias Wingti's K920,000 kina a year briefcase carrier.

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We Will See

June 25 2002, 11:23 AM 

Perhaps it would be appropriate to see what he will do during his term. I believe Jumogot collected large number of votes from Central Manus. This may reflect on the promise by DPM to seal the Manus Highway if reelected into the Govt. But like all good political promises, we just have to wait and see.



Don't look at votes

June 25 2002, 9:13 PM 

In every election don't look at how many people voted for the winner. Count the number who didn't want them to win. Come on preferential in 2007. Then maybe we'll get leaders wanted by most of the people.


Manus RIP. 24/06/2002

June 25 2002, 12:55 PM 

Brata, I share your views. Why ol ples lain votim "Jumacash" God only knows. We are soooo ****ed beyond belief. Dispela man em pikinini blo satan.


Tribute to Mr.,Sir & chief of lapan-Pokawin

June 25 2002, 3:21 PM 

Tribute to you sir,salute you with so much gratitude,thanking you well above all for been the model democratic leader and master of decentratlisation in governing people of Manus and the NGI. Papu no gat plati toktok..ai wara i pundaun long eyes blong mi.I admire your leadership,whether it is because you're a political scientist thats a bonus however you deserve praise from all manusians.when i look in to your face i see credibility and trust,i see genuine leadership and wisdom. i recall once a student at unitech,i prepared four questions on national issues to question you on behalf of the SRC,to my supprise in your speech to us you have answered all my questions. i was at dismay..sitting down there and telling myself, this man is non other than a leader with intelligence and wisdom.

Moreover you have left your handiworks in the model LLG system of Manus and the NGI, you have been instrumental in the reforms(constitutonal) and other national issues. I know it's a big blow to the NA because i see NA as Pokawin and Somare.(leaders who may not have human super intelligence but God given wisdom to offer genuine authority and leadership over simple people and communities of PNG)

You truely deserves to be sir Pokawin.I salute you with appreciation,we shall not forget you...keep your wisdom fueling the Manus LLG and provincial/national level governments.Manus needs to go forward,,sky is the limit.

laikim na stapwantaim yu papu...sir!!



Re: Tribute to Mr.,Sir & chief of lapan-Pokawin

June 25 2002, 4:35 PM 

What has Pokawin done? He has been there for a long time but there is no tangible evidence of his leadership. Lorengau is a neglected town. We still have bucket toilets, Works is still under a war-time building, the water supply is pathetic, housing is a laughing matter. The Manus highway became so bad and people were sent back to the 70s when they used to sail and walk.

Pokawin turn a blind eye to these state of affairs and built a small empire. The public service there was filled with people who have degrees but do not know how to transform their degrees into tangible development. Of the Manus Government budget a good percentage, at least 85% goes into salaries with only 15% for goods and services, a perfect recipe for underdevelopment.

Pokawin would perform better if he returns to the classroom. The Administrator should be removed. Other senior advisors there should be removed. Manus needs pro-active leaders like Benjamin. The public service there should be downsized so that savings are made for goods and services.

As if all these were not enough, Pokawin indulged himself in some unethical conduct and literally brought disrepute upon himself. This had a lot of impact on what has just transpired. Bigger men fall down hard.

Some more later if necessary.



Just to show my respect for a leader!..Pokawin

June 26 2002, 11:01 AM 

Wantok, you seems to have done your research before the elections.you may have been at home to manus often as i do'nt for the last number of years.What ever you're analysis of Pokawin is, is not my issue here.I'm just humbly showing respect for a leader who has atleast done something for the people of manus.Mind you if i'm in manus by end of this year,i may be able to do my own survey of your analysis for any indication of Pokawin's return in 2007...manus i no short long sa-ve man...bai yumi wokim go na lukim...for the good of manus.i, however acknwledged your views here with a reminder that may you weigh out the disreputes that Pokawin had compared to Jumagot very carefully before drawing conclusion on Pokawin's down fall...have you done a near to perfect random analysis of the vote-margin differences between the two?.I guess the real people's choice will be known with in the next five years of Jumagot's term as govenor of manus.

i still have dued respect and wish Pokawin's family and the team good luck with many thanks.


Askim Tasol

Post Election Analysis - Manus Regional

June 25 2002, 5:10 PM 

I am interested to know the isssue that Jumogot used during the election. Surely Manusians are not that stupid to cast their votes on Jumogot. Is anyone with the post election analysis on the unseating of Pokawin?

Expat Manusian


Re: Post Election Analysis - Manus Regional

June 25 2002, 8:06 PM 

Jumogot campaigned for at least 3 years in advance. He visted most villages and dished out cash for various activities including sports and others. In that way, he had much contact with the people of Manus than Pokawin and all the other rival candidates.

Jumogot also benefited from PDM as a major political and ruling party.

Jumogot's win was also assisted by Pokawin's problems I referred to earlier.

Lastly, Pokawin's downfall was bound to happen. If one looks at the past election results, he was loosing support. If he had won, he would lose the 2007 elections. He was losing support because of the reasons in my earlier posting. But his downfall came faster for 2 main reasons. First, Jumogot campaigned well. Second, Pokawin got involved in a type of conduct that brought disrepute to himself.

Sadly, Pokawin became very complacent about his performance and underestimated other candidates or he probably wants to move on to doing other things. I think he underestimated other candidates. However, if he is honest enough he'll probably admit that this election, in view of all the above, was always going to be a tough one.

If he still cannot measure the moods of his people then he is simply out of touch.

Lastly, we should not underestimate the intelligence of the voters. The result of the vote is a deliberate choice and should not be questioned.



Re: Re: Post Election Analysis - Manus Regional

June 25 2002, 8:37 PM 

Wantok. Thankyou for your in-depth analysis. I have two questions -
What sort of "conduct" on Pokawin's part did he engage in that was frowned upon?

In your view, if preference voting was introduced for this election, would Pokawin still have lost?

Tenkyu again for your insightful views.


Re: Re: Re: Post Election Analysis - Manus Regional

June 26 2002, 1:00 AM 

Its a degrading incident, I have so much respect for Pokawin, I cannot just state it openly. On your second point, there is no guarantee that Pokawin would be the winner in the preferential system. Jumogot did so much that he became very popular so that he could have still won in the preferential system.

On a lighter note, yupla save go long ples tu o nogat? You'd know everything that I am talking about if you did.

But honestly, let's see if Jumogot could do better. Otherwise, Pokawin could return in 2007 but again ... has any of our ex-MP returned to Parliament?


Expat Manusian

Time to Move On

June 26 2002, 11:57 AM 

Thanks Liberal for your indepth comments and analysis of the situation in Manus which have resulted in the current unseating of Mr Pokawin. You may have read the newspaper today that Mr Pokawin has honourable accepted the defeat and has congratulated Dr Jumogot on his win. He also highlighted the reasons of his demise as provided by Liberal. Furthermore and I guess unfortunatley, Pokawin's private life has been also scrutinised in this election. Having said that, I beleive Mr Pokawin has done what he could do and we all fully acknowledge him for his enormous contribution to Manus and PNG. Thankyou Sorgen-sol for some of details of Pokawin as an academic, politician and a simple and understanding person. However, It is time to move on and I am sure that Dr Jumogot will continue to seek guidance from Mr Pokawin to ensure that Manus moves forward and also sucessfully.

Expat Manusian

Interested Observer

Time to Move On

June 26 2002, 12:31 PM 

I agree with Liberal. The people have spoken. However it should be noted that Pokawin was very gracious in defeat and should be commended.(especially in an election where many are crying "foul"). Dr Pokawin I salute and admire you.
If Jumagot is indeed a PDM strongman and if PDM does help form the next Government then I am sure he would bring a lot of progress and development to Manus.In this regard I am happy and excited for the Manusians. Let's wait and see.


Re: Time to Move On

June 26 2002, 1:30 PM 

Pokawin was great and gracious in defeat. We would all continue to admire and respect him. He has set the standard that Jumogot would be judged by. If Jumogot fails, Pokawin could return in 2007.



Re: Post Election Analysis - Manus Regional

June 19 2006, 9:26 PM 

There are to many words in your explanation please say it slow


Tribute been done ..it's time to congratulate Dr.Jumogot!

June 26 2002, 1:21 PM 

Congratulations Dr.Jumogot for your win as the people's choice for the govenor seat of manus. manus deserves your vision to go forward as i believe thinking manusians are men/women of great talents and visions. May you place the people of manus at heart in your term as govenor,may you do like wise for the past years you've shown in been a concern and support to the urban as well the rural people of manus to whom you are now given thier choice with mandate of trust for leadership ahead of Pokawin to administer affairs of real developements(economical/social) to the province.

once more congratulations and praise for the team support in your camp.Further more best wishes to the people of manus that atleast we have a different taste of that yellow-fin this time round.manus bai no nap dai we'll move forward...manus em manus!!

with kind regards

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