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Merits of Caspar Wollom and of PDM

June 27 2002 at 12:27 PM
Paia Kukim 

The guy hasnt even seen the inside of Parliament House and already he and his supporters are acting as if they're there!

This mornings article in the newspapers about his stealing ballot boxes and possessing illegal weapons leaves me no confidence in the type of people being declared to our next Parliament.

Whats the point of elections when decent citizens cant vote owing to the incompetance of the Electoral Commission and when some candidates (surprisingly enought the ones who "win") do it through corrupt means?

We have just edited the heading - Wantokz:-)

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Re: Wollom corrupt already!

June 27 2002, 1:21 PM 

Surprise surprise, he's with PDM, the corruptest party in PNG's history.

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Piggies for life

Scary thought.

June 27 2002, 3:29 PM 

Almost 75% of the members of Parliment have at one stage been with PDM - now thats a scary statistic if you consider them PNG's most corrupt party.

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Re: Scary thought.

June 27 2002, 3:30 PM 

Like I said earlier, God help PNG!

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Wollom Corrupt Already

June 27 2002, 9:30 PM 

People already drawing conclusion due to some electoral mishaps. Can we wait for the court outcome if any?

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with PMD no law or justice

June 27 2002, 9:38 PM 

There is no such thing as court because PDM rules and wollom rule..
sori long justice na yupela.. PDm has the tops guys on his side? who are you guys..? this election was the golden chance..

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The corruption of PDM

June 28 2002, 8:17 AM 

Yeah..What a start to his public life. Lie and cheating
leads to more and more lying and cheating.

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June 28 2002, 9:24 AM 

The Party PDM has shown great reforms in it's goverment in the past three years, and I believe that they have Visions that will affect this country. The Heads of the party are very intelligent people, they have proven that through the nature of their campaigns, they contained themselves spitting critisism towards their rivals, despite the fact that many of their rivals critisized and said things that may have affected their reputation and ofcourse profile...But if they are truely honest and have the visions that is reflected on their polocies, than the good will prevail, and the good in them will come out eventually.

This country will move into to developement with this party. I personally see that, if you don't; than you are probably blind or to stubborn and relunctant to witness and research on what they have done, that will affect this country in a long run.

Their policies are oustanding they strongly outline the fundamentals of developement. This country needs
Sir Mekere, a brain who knows Economics, and can play Economics, especially with our Economy today which was effected during the Chan Goverment. I personally believe that National Alliance or any other party that is emerging so rapidly like mushrooms will not have strong affects for the developement of this country; they do not show strong policies like PDM.

PDM is one of the Parties that existed from the time politcs was so new to this country, the so-called National Party and Pangu Party, all fell, and now are emerging through other alternatives. PDM has proven it's strength, never has it ever fallen and never will it fall, and therefore it will be the party still standing strong, despite the ati-PDM movement.

PDM has a very strong Foundation, resistant to any Force...They have proven that! They show the true law of this country through their campaigns, projecting respect to their rivals and opposing candidates through the nature of their campaign.Despite being slapped on the face with citisisms and bad language.

If it's the good Lords will they with retain the goverment, and they will prove that they are not who most people think they are in the next five years. I beleive they will serve this country with great deligence and honour, they are international recognised, and that contributes to this country has a whole.

God Bless PDM


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prove us wrong

PDM is a party who makes up PDM is a problem

June 28 2002, 11:49 AM 

PDM is a party who makes up PDM is a problem and that is the bottom line... type, nature and character of politicians under PDM banner.. one can not rule out that PDM has good leaders also..
Prove us wrong in the next 5 years.. with the last 3 years

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PDM Selects Corrupt people into the Party

June 28 2002, 12:41 PM 

I agree that PDM had initiated a lot of political, adminisatrative and legislative reforms then any past party in Government.For this they must get credit.BUT they themselves do not seem to follow them.PDM has to deal effectively with the Forestry sector which is like the Deputy PM's private entity where he can appoint anyone without following set procedures, and there is suspicion that dirty money has been exchanged under the table and Sir Mekere Morauta had not put his foot down on it and many other issues.

Most of the MPs referred for prosecution resulting from misusing of Gaming Board Funds are from PDM.If PDM is a good party what is wrong with its leader and internal mechanisms when they should assess candidates properly so that fit and proper people (leadership-wise, uncorrupted,clear mind, etc ) are supported to contest seats under PDM ticket? The Wollom case is one and those before him too who were later referred for various offences to the courts.They came in clean and got out dirty, was that so? Though Wollom remains innnocent until found guilty by a court of law, the fact is PDM as a party is under question.There is so much at stake nationally that PDM has to answer for both in the past and present.So I say that PDM will ruin PNG if they are allowed to form the government as a major partner.In NCD all major contracts are given to Global Construction which is said to be connected to PDM (equity wise) and this action alone has made other major road construction companies in POM to retrench workers because they cannot secure business so that they can maintain people on the payroll (e,g Backlay, Coecon, L&A, etc).Think about how the forced-retrecnhed workers will look after their families in these tough times.This aggravates the already soaring unemployment rate in PNG and PDM is suppose to guard against this, is it not?Does PDM consider such chain action effect as a result of its self-centred, greedy, money face acts to not award other road contracts to other POM companies?

This country will be run by PDM if they play their money game in the formation of government come July.They will then reinforce their tentacles grip on the means of production and distribution and do this through their own mechanisms and structures they have set up to get rich while we will be mere spectators and small simple workers for life.

So does PDM stand to save PNG or secure itself a good share of the market first? Also why cannot the leader of PDM sack the corrupt MPs to keep its name clean before they resign?

Over to you folks.....

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PDM plays

June 28 2002, 5:45 PM 

Mention all alledged corrupt deals and adverse publicity about PDM, the irony is that the people still support PDM. The election results so far is a clear indicator.

Voters [or the people] are the ones showing their confidence on PDM by casting their vote for PDM candidates. Not all PDM candidates will win but the key powerbrokers for PDM will retain their seat.

Wingti's current lead is a indication that he will retain his seat. Winti's return will be a huge bonus for PDM.

The balancing agenda on the PDM logistic is a review on key positions and portfolios of state entities.

You can almost guess a good number of losing PDM candidates will be rewarded in the govenment and statutoty institutions. Cetainly, starting with runner-up for the NCD seat.

The only reason why PDM is so popular is because there is no strong opposition. Therefore PDM will remain in power as long as the opposition is weak.

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Look deeper than this Sir!!!!

June 29 2002, 3:50 AM 

I saw the logic of your arguement but not the substance of it, therefore it is shallow.

The support for PDM in the some parts of the country is because it is buying votes with money and the free education policy they introduced this year.In NCD PDM through Mekere and Graham have been dishing out cash to churches and women groups,and youths something they did not do in the last four years but only on the eve of election.If these were monies people are entitled too why hold onto them till election time?.Also,if you do not know Mekere was not voted in because he is in PDM rather because the thinking voters of NCD believed in him as a leader to lead PNG.That is a fact.Unfortunately for Graham he lost because he could not offer PNG anything better than being a brief case carrier of PDM, his efforts were in vain...sore tumas long en.

Additionally when the UPNG students were killed only the Hagen students were approved for compensation and it was Wingti who stepped in because he wanted to capitalise on the compensation in exchange for votes in WHP for him.Such a dirty cunning move had to be endorsed by NEC.This is clear manipulation of NEC for sectoral interest.It is bad alright. Only idiots go beyong such parameters to gain for themselves.If you cannot see this remove the specks from your eyes.

I do not live in WHP but I suspect there must have been cash handouts, and promises of cash benefits later for certain people by PDM and other parties for that matter.But Wingti who has been a non Parliamentarian appeared alongside PM and Minister for Education to disburse school fee subsidy as an opportunity to show that he is there and things are functioning.This is another cunning move by him to get WHP people to vote for him.But they do not understand how Wingti could be a non lected man and appearing alongside properly elected leaders doing their dutues.

The sad fact about the 'free education' is that it was a major election gimmick by PDM to buy vote.So if the gullible voters voted for PDM in this election it is because they were blind to see this and that includes you.PDM and its leaders need to read their books to see the true meaning of free education because in PNG it is not free.So this bit of information our rural people did not understand and PDM had to put it bluntly to them that it is free,What a lie!!!!

Wingti may win his seat but in other seats PDM may not do well.If they do well the 'free education' election gimmick will buy the votes for them.In Parlaiment more of their people will be investigated. Stap isi na lukluk.If not they will use their tactics to sabbotage any process leading to investigations.

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Ex Hagenite

Look Deeper Than this Sir!!!

June 29 2002, 10:08 AM 

You are so concerned about the speck in Partytime's eye that you do not notice the camel in yours.
Do you really think the Moresby NW voters are so stupid that they could get sucked in by last minute handouts? No Sir,being a Papua New Guinean you must know that voters will accept pre election handouts and then vote for someone else. Read yesterday's "Drum" in the Post Courier where the same people who went to Grahame's pre election feast were seen later at Skate's post lection celebration.
Grahame did extremely well and surprised many people. He went in against a seemingly unbeatable opponent in Bill Skate - a very popular man of the grassroots people - and came within a few thousand votes of winning.
Re the students: Why didn't their MPS fight for their compensation? Why leave it to Wingti? If you are going to say because Wingti has power and influence then I say vote for Wingti because he can get things done for the electorate. Likewise the Moresby NW voters voted for Mekere because he leads the Party that has the power to do things.
Cash handouts? Who cares. You only SUSPECT! And you say other parties do it anyway so why pick on PDM?
You say you do not live in WHP. If you did you will notice the big difference in the place now compared to when Wingti was Governor. The place is run down and devoid of services. I say bring Wingti back and fix the place up.
Free Education? This a right of every person. You obviously are well educated and do not live at village level. Otherwise you would not be on the internet posting messages. Spare a thought for others not as fortunate.
Finally all governments all over the world buy votes. Have you not heard of pre election budgets?

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You are really PDM supporter

June 29 2002, 9:39 PM 


Thanks for your response to mine.I see no more substantial arguement against my points.You arrogantly stand with PDM by the sound of your voice.

Your comment that I do not know what is happening in the rural area is blind as I am frequently visiting area and talking with the people on many social, econmic and political issues as we discuss on the board.The resulatnt effect on this action of mine was an orderly, threat free election in my ward/constituency. My people are aware about respecting the law and to resolve conflicts via peaceful means and look after little state funded institutions such as schools,aidposts etc.This is a bit of lecture to rebut your point.Further my usage of internet is a fruit of my hard work to come this far, no political party facilitated anything for me.So I am not going to go smelling the bottom of any political party and owe my life to them.But I will critique them if I could because I have no political party allegiance and surely I will give a party credit where it is due.

When you talk about 'pre election budget'it scares me because you are made to believe it and perhaps a recipient of pre-election budgets.But this suggestion of yours spells out the lack of responsbility and accountability by leaders to their constituents.They fail to deliver, they cheated the people, in the 4 and a half years in power,so their future in Parliament is bleak.Therefore they have to resort to drawing a pre-election budget and use the money to lure voters.This is one of the major reasons why lots of killings and fraud are taking place during elections now because small people are being given and promised money to support candidates, if they don't they will be dealt with by means of powerful agents of political parties (unseen) etc.Ultimately they are coerced to vote against their free democratic will.Is this the outcome of pre/election budget? Do not be fooled, come down to earth and live with me.

Skelim dispela!!

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Ex Hagenite

You are really PDM supporter

June 29 2002, 11:53 PM 

Ice, Yes I admit to being a PDM supporter. Arrogant I am not and I stand by my reason for supporting them - that simply being they are in a much better position to do things. I am not a beneficiary of any handouts and neither am I a member of the Party. However to put my money where my mouth is I admit that I really should join and try to help the country from within.It is so easy to talk and criticise but so much harder to do. In this respect I applaud the work you have done in your area. Keep up the good work. Perhaps when more of our local MP's do what you do PNG will be a much better place.Meanwhile life goes on.
On pre election budgets I was not referring to PNG in particular but to all countries. Australia our closest neighbour has them all the time - likewise America - tax cuts, increased pensions, government spending etc etc.

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Re: Look deeper than this Sir!!!!

June 29 2002, 4:38 PM 

Every political party in PNG from Pangu, United Party, PPP etc etc have plans and stategies in order to ascend to power.

PDM like any other political parties uses it's resources to reach its intended beneficiaries. Whether it be funds (money), people or networking resouces, the objective is to promote the identity of the party and it's candidates to the general public during the campaign period. Yes you're quite right literally to sum it "buying votes".

However despite the size and nature of the resources PDM (or for that matter any political party) uses during its campaign, the voters have the final say in the ballot box. Only after the counting of the votes the success of PDM's campaign is known.

PDM has done very well to offer the policy of Free Education to PNG and it is up to the other parties to ofter equivalent policies for our nation building.

For the other matters you mention, all you say is what was contain in the newspapers. Proper procudures have been taken to euate the UPNG case and PDM is happy to welcome back Wingti into the political arena.

In addition PDM does not have any regrets abouts it's losing candidate and hope to convince winning independant candidates to its ranks.

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Re: Look deeper than this Sir!!!!

July 1 2002, 9:20 AM 

What kind of substance do you need mate?

Did you ever learn analysis in school. The truth needs to be researched, look at you presentation is based on secoundary information.

Have you ever done any research, youa are just being too optimistic to what you believe in and what you heard on the street.

Think mate...all this things that is happening, the developements and aid that this party has done, was also done in 1994 when the party was in power, that is the polisy and that has always been in their policy, and that you are refering as gimicks, well other poloticians would have no idea how to stategically innitiate options to gain income to do those things.

PDM, they were smart enough to privatise, they were smart to innitiate the political intergrity bill to be able to process an aid of free school fee. Not only having visions for the future of this country but also promoting honesty in the circle of leadership.

This has not happen for a very long time. For this party to come up with such oustanding ideas, I Therefore applau them.

And you my freind try do some more research, I want to talk to a person who knows more than you. Cause I think you're lost, you're intention is not in line with you're argument.

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Anonymous look at this!!!

July 1 2002, 11:48 AM 

Anonymous thanks for your comments.

I have this to say PDM is trying hard as well as any party to serve PNG.However, I personally think PDM has not created avenue to really serve the 80% of the population in the rural areas in the last 4 years.The first one in the very face of PDM all the cheques for copra producers in PNG bounced back and this has gone for the whole of 2000,2001 and 2002.The coffee prices have been falling down and the producer including PNG coffee industry board have called on the government (PDM led) to rescue it and the industry is still struggling to survive up to now.Further all provinces are still waiting for their funds to be released by Central government to fix their roads and ensure the flow of goods and services in provinces.All these issues are important and PDM if it cares for the people should ensure these services are flowing,short term or long term measures are put in place but nothing up to date.na yu tok revenue o sevis blo ol pipol we?

The privatisation you applauded is probably looking good on paper but yet to be seen is the participation by PNGeans to have ownership of equity in the assets that are sold.I bet you are not going to own an equity and not sure if you will. Did you see that BSP has made it hard for rural people to open a bassbuk lately? The privatisation of PNGBC has had negative impact on small investors in villages, a service PNGBC used to relax for them.Your comments about privatisation are rather shallow because you do not know how it will impact on rural people where policies that dictate community service obligation will be changed to suit a profit motive by private ownership of the sold state assets.In Telikom, e,g. many middle and small income PNGeans do not own telephones today infact less that 20% of the population own telephones,and I am sure many more small PNGeans will be unable to do so in a privatised Telikom, so neither you and me and many rural areas will be connected to the national grid of telecommunications in their houses.Elcom and harbours board will face the same fate (equity and affordibility) unless some serious thinking and work is done by the new government to ensure our peoples interest is safeguarded.Olsem na igat planti samting ino stret long privatisation na hariap tru na yu opim maus olsem olgeta samting i orait.Stap isi na skelim gut.PDM tu bai imas skelim gut ol dispela samting na stretim na ol narapela samting mi tok antap.So PDM still has a long way to go as far as making changes to bring tangible benefit to PNG both at the domestic front and internationally.So if you sounded as if it is enough for PDM or any party to do these things, wake up from your slumber and see that we have a long way to go yet.

On the national economy our foreign debts has just soared to K7 billion kina.Tell me just where the limit is under PDM?The K150 million which was meant to retire some of the debts had suddenly changed overnight to finance the PDM election gimmick of 'free education'.And you think this is serving the rural people.Bull..PDM should have introduced price support mechanisms for example for growers of copra and coffee so that people earn the money to pay school fees, health etc not free handouts like free education.

It's true PDM has made progress in the electoral reforms but there is still the question about independents forming a government and having a PM.This in my view is wrong because I think the party system is more accountable and responsible and at the same time has a mandate to rule, not a bunch of independents (though democratically elected) who are able to form a group at the last minute to form government when parties have spent huge financial resources to organise themselves based on the requirements of the IPP&C Law.

I will not give my thumb up for PDM and any party yet.

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The Question of Ethics, Morality & PDM

July 2 2002, 12:12 AM 

Dear Forumers and PDM Supporters,

It was good to see your points about PDM clearly stated relating to policy issues and certain reforms it has undertaken.

But the point Ice has all along trying to point out as we all know are the questions of ethics and morality by people associated with PDM. The credibility of the PDM party is being assessed by popular public oppinion through association of its members; as opposed to party policies and reforms it has done, the question of morality and ethics has not been solved in many instances when an MP associated with PDM is implicated in a scandoul.

Therefore, the issue still stands and, that is, the system (government institutions, people and processes) should not be used or abused for PDM's survival. So now you take or leave it.


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Re: PDM is a party who makes up PDM is a problem

July 1 2002, 6:56 PM 

Agree, PDM is just a Party but people make up the party may be and good leaders with the likes of Sir Mekere is tarnished by others in the party.

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June 19 2006, 9:29 PM 

Your analysis has much to be respected

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