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September 12 2002 at 3:37 PM
Rigo Besena 

My utmost relief and gratefulness that there is a change in the Rigo Leadership and I thank the supreme one for that. For 10years we have wasted away to a barren and indiscribable district headed by uneducated or rather unchrasmatic leaders that can instill productivity and developement into Rigo.

I have one and only one warning for the Rigo MP. Do you job prudently with vision, clear insight and dedicatedly with intergrity. I urge the Rigo people to be aware of the developements and issues back home.

As the saying goes..."DON'T TURN A BLIND EYE"..You are being watch RIGO MP...so as other MPS

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Rigo MP has no vision

September 12 2002, 4:21 PM 

He is a business man and wonder how is business came about. I for one beleive that we are in for a rough time with this uneducated man in office. He has no vision, can not even fight in Parliament for us. He is only in office to concentrate on his business.
Shame on all of you voters who decided to put him in. The people of Rigo are sure going to suffer...and thats for sure!!!!!!

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Re: Rigo MP has no vision

September 12 2002, 6:12 PM 

I for one have never heard of Mr.Vele doing anything for the people of that region until election. yes he is a very successful businessman but can he be a speaker for the people? I guess we can only wait and see as he has only been in office for a short while. If he does not perform as expected, rong blong ol votim em go insait.

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September 13 2002, 2:00 PM 

Yes, Iam from Abua, Iam proud of that. Just see where my member is sitting, Right behind the Father of the nation, Sir Micheal Somara. It shows that two of the central province leaders Sir Moi and Dr. Temu are right up there in this crisis time of the nation helping out.

Now intial indication. Non-Attendance of Rigo MP to Central Province Assembly where the deputy Govrnor was elected. There is no vision which has being set out. The MP has still not said anything about RIGO on the FLOOR, and thus does not reflect the server state of RIGO both Mentally, Physically and Economically. Are this signs of a Business man or Leader?

The other day spys saw him at one of the CLUBS!


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Vulaa nauna

Anderson Vele - No Vision!

September 18 2002, 1:55 PM 

He got in, because he had the money....but he does not possess any leadership skills. I am not surprised he was spotted at one of the nightclubs, because he is so stupid.He is in there for the money, money rules his life...poor fellow can not even speak up for the people. Well for a start he can not speak up for himself! The people of Hula, shame on you for voting him in..he is a waste. I am happy with the other Central MPs, at least they have some qualifications and brains to lead their people, but as for Rigo district, development is far from our hands......

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Except Your Ignorance.

September 18 2002, 2:13 PM 

I fully agree with you. If ever there was a candidate who stood for his piece of the cake, it is this Ragi!

Once again the people of Rigo in selfishly excepting their petty gives of K5, K10, can thank themselves for the next five years behind the rest of PNG.

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too early to talk just yet

September 23 2002, 10:48 PM 

hey take it easy on Anderson Vele,

it's only been three months since the elections,and like you all said, he is a businessman, maybe just getting used to the political system etc...as for Dr Temu and Moi Avei being up there with Micheal Somare?? whatever!! It's all talk at the moment, no evidence of their work just yet..so stap isi na skelim gut...
maski kalap kalap yet, abau and hiri kairuku districts are still suffering like the rest of Central province, ino Rigo tasol...


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I have being waiting.

September 24 2002, 3:36 PM 

Yes, Three months is a short time but that is a ridicules excuse!. A outline of plans and goals, and forums should be organised and executed. Up to date there has being no plan and goal constructed. I am sure there are many highly qualified Rigo people who can compensate for his deficiencies in educaton, public speaking as well as intellectual agression for developement.

I have surely waited for 10years and it is a long time, we need him to revive and strenght the spirit of production, developement and pride back. We need him to steer us to work towards goals and aims that have to to set soon!

Shame!. We need to pressure him. Letting him lose, we LOSS big TIME!

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Election Goals

September 24 2002, 3:59 PM 

It goes to show he had none! Straight in for the money. As Petes has said, how much time does he need, while the people wait.

The main reason alot of the other candidates put their hands up, was because they could see the lack of services reaching their people. At least they knew what was needed.

3 months = 1 year = next election and still nothing. Time is not on the side of our people. He has put nothing forward on the floor of Parliment, because he too sits in wonder of this big building like the apes that represent some of the highlands electorates.

Bloody resign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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whatever people!!

September 24 2002, 5:54 PM 

Whatever you all say, you won't make a difference by simply critisising the guy here...

The whole Rigo District doesn't have young leaders who are actually doing something together...any forums for young guns like us to actually do something positive for the region?? etc...bet not!! so why not use our energy to start up something like that instead of critisising Anderson Vele.

We are all depending on one guy to make a difference?! what's with all the scholars who've come and gone?! If we have better candidates out there, where the hell are they??

tingim pastem na toktok the whole lot of you critics, not only "talk the talk, walk the walk too"

well I'm just starting of my academic life so the above line doesn't include me, but I'm working on it. I just need to know if people out there have the same views as me...


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Re: whatever people!!

October 2 2002, 2:19 PM 

just as an outsider. my rellys are from hula though I'm not I have special place in my heart for it.
I have been scanning this board and there are many educated and logical debates taking place here. But do the MPs know what people really think of them. They have there relatives surrounding them filling them with praise and honour. I think your voices should be heard by the members.
I wish I had the ministers email or that show I think tok save or that show with john eggins (sorri don't know whats on emtv these days)
Then theyd see further then there arses and do something about it.
I just wanna congratulate everyone on this board.
It's just great the way everyone conducts themselves you show the great intellect png still contains
keep it up

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Re: whatever people!!

October 19 2009, 1:15 AM 

mb, I think you really know what you're talking about.

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Re: whatever people!!

October 2 2002, 4:41 PM 

Iam no academic, but what I know is that more dicussion, critisim and talk, there is somewhere, somehow, a nerve that is struck and somebody makes will make a difference once that happens.

Like wise, I thing, when you try to write a research paper you allow a lot of critisim to develope an Idea. In the same way we have to keep critising leaders and keep up to date with Ideas and Thoughts of our people.


Now MP Honarable Mr. Vele, I donnot believe he has the heart for the people, even fools give money to the poor. I hear people saying this and that, one of it is he is under investigation for drugs(WHAT AN MP)

I would like to know what that MP is doing now. I urge him to gather ALL the BRAINS of RIGO and FIND A SOLUTION. Iam sure some of you reading this know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody....etc that knows him!...


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