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Prime minister daughter become personal adviser ! is it true.....

March 11 2003 at 2:21 PM
MP Cleaner 

How weird & hypocritic is our Prime minster ,to politically appointed his very daughter to be his immediate advisor.Does any one out there have any infor regarding malpractice? What qualification does her daughter has to be politically considered as an advisor? If it is tru,It will be a clear sign of maladmin, People ! We are heading noway.....

Please! Tell the world if it is tru?

Office cleaner

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hope not tru ya!!!

March 12 2003, 12:03 AM 

Hey man, I am with you...I wish in my heart that it is not true.....

I wonder how many people interviewed her!!! or wait, you said she was APPOINTED...now that sounds totally sickening...

I bet she is some kinda lawyer or something...I hope she did some economics and public finance or that sort of stuff about from laws...at least the basics...

Man, I think we will make history...PNG, the only country in the world...the PM and the daughter heading the gov't...sounds so good but.....

Anyway, hope to find out too....

Sori tru, ino mean lo bagarapim PM bilong yumi but olsem...taim bilong discussion...


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Re: hope not tru ya!!!

March 12 2003, 12:06 AM 

hey, on the second note...I would think that you would be in a better position to know because you are the MP cleaner and have access to more infor than us maybe.....



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Re: Re: hope not tru ya!!!

March 12 2003, 12:21 PM 

It doesn't mean mean that he works in parliment, Just a house cleaner.

Man u ting , mi wok long parlament,
sori, Haus boi tasol ya.


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Re: Re: Re: hope not tru ya!!!

March 12 2003, 1:41 PM 

ah,haus boy tasol...?? ok..mi ting long parliament ya, na sapos haus boi, wanem ino no nap long save...

no olsem...ah...


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yumi yet PNG

March 13 2003, 10:43 AM 

Maski nau yah...yumi yet ronim PNG yah...papa, pikinini na olgeta lain olsem ya.....

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is there any law against that in png???

March 13 2003, 11:00 AM 

hi folks, i was just wondering whether there is any law that restricts anyone at a managerial/executive position to employ his/her wantok.

through observations in australia, nepotism is a very serious offence. employing people on their merits is their no. 1 HR policy.

so i can't make any comments on PM appointing his own daughter to be his personal advisor. and also i'm confused because the person who posted this notice mentioned "personal advisor". is she his personal advisor or his media reporter? please confirm.

just a thought, folks.


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Re: is there any law against that in png???

March 13 2003, 11:11 AM 

I don't see any problems with it....as long as she's qualified and the proper procedures were followed in employing her. She's probably a very bright young lady and her father finds her advice invaluable so he's employed her.
President Clinton, when he took office, immediately appointed his wife to a national Taskforce on Health not just because she was his wife but because he know she was capable of contributing a lot.

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A Question of Nepotism Vs Spreading the Common Resources

March 13 2003, 11:15 AM 

It is the question of spreading the limited resources around so that everyone benefits. It would be immoral for the lapun man to keep the public money (i.e. salary for the appointee) within his own household, yu know what I mean?

Why not appoint some Kanges or Orokaivas to do that job so that the common resources are evenly spread...

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Re: A Question of Nepotism Vs Spreading the Common Resources

October 19 2009, 12:28 AM 

this is astounding news.

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Somare can appoint anyone he wants as a member of his support staff.

March 13 2003, 11:33 AM 

The Prime Minister, just like any other member of the Parliament, can appoint anyone of his choosing to be a member of his support staff. Just like former Indonesian President Ibrahim Wahid who appointed his daughter as his "interpretor" and advisor, Sir Michael can choose anyone he wants to be a member of his support staff.


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Fed Up

Daughter to blame?

March 13 2003, 11:49 AM 

Does that mean we blame Somare daughter for lack of leadership and change in PNG? He need new adviser!

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Re: Daughter to blame?

March 13 2003, 11:53 AM 

Maybe you should blame yourself. After all, you elected the government.

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Mighty Aphrodite

Re: Daughter to blame?

April 12 2003, 11:40 AM 

I doubt she plays a huge role in the leadership of the country. There are so many others who contribute to the decision making process of the country so your finger pointing is a little mis-directed.

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March 17 2003, 4:11 PM 

Hey A.S,

Maybe there is no law against it but we must realise that in PNG wantok system is rife...plenti ol lain long bikpela position save appointim ol wantok bilong ol or people they know...

So when cases as such arise, it is always worth questioning...

It is not like we are saying it is bad...maybe it is...people take it differently...I don't know.

Personally, I don't think it is worth using the example of the former Indonesian President...because I doubt if the Sir Micheal appointed his daughter because of that...

More to that, I am sure there are other gradutes in Journalism and people who have the experience...but then again, the bottom line is, Sir Micheal (no offence here) chooses whom he wants.


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Re: "A.S"

March 17 2003, 5:39 PM 

The example of the Indonesian PM, and Bush's daughters, Clinton's wife, shows that it is acceptable practice for leaders to appoint relatives to their support staff. There is nothing wrong with Somare appointing his daughter to his staff as an advisor.

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Re: Re: "A.S"

March 17 2003, 9:22 PM 


Well, of course that is common practise for the leaders as such but wouldn't you think to a certain extent...or maybe regarding the actual occupation.

Very true that there is nothing wrong as long as she can do her job...I would personally think that it is not really good though.

Not that I am complaining but I am sure he could have looked further than his daughter.

Anyway, I think being the PR officer would be million times better than being a ADVISOR. To be an advisor is definitely a NO, whether she would have the qualifications or not...she wouldn't be the only one to fit in that position.


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March 13 2003, 12:46 PM 

She is not his advisor. Get your facts right before making postings like that.The daughter you are reffering to is his media reporter (Aide).She is in charge of his PR and image with the national and international audience.She is not in a position to advice him on matters pertaining to his position as a head of government although she may from time to time offer advice on a personal level as a daughter and confidante.


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Re: Wrong

March 13 2003, 2:24 PM 

As far as I know, Somare has employed one of his daughters as his PR Officer. Whilst it is his prerogative to appoint whomever he sees fit to his office it is also his prerogative as a leader (and Prime Minister) to be seen to be free of nepotism and conflict of interest. This is a taxpayer funded job which should go to the best person for the job.

What would happen if John Howard appointed his daughter as his PR advisor!?!

Not good enough.

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Re: Re: Wrong

March 13 2003, 2:37 PM 

Banker, a MP can appoint anybody to be a member of his support staff, whether a relative or not. Even George Bush has his daughters as part time staff during their college vacations.

Somare can appoint anyone to be his PR officer, whether a relative or otherwise. Its his prerogative and is an appointment that is neither subject to Ombudsman scrutiny nor the PSC.

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Re: Re: Re: Wrong

April 12 2003, 11:40 AM 

Forget looking at George Bush for any sort of example of leadership. The guy's a complete wanker!

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Complain long Somare yet!!

March 14 2003, 6:24 AM 

What the hell, who are you???...maski complain nating...pakin marit na kamapin pikinini na bai em givim yu gut pela tingting...Just leave the Somare's alone!!...only democracy will change his wrong doings!! shut up donky.

mangi long ples

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Re: Complain long Somare yet!!

March 14 2003, 10:13 AM 

hey, people are just discussing and putting their views...!!!

It is a democratic country and we say what we want...it is not that we are against him or hate him or whatever, he is a good leader and we are just discussing the impacts maybe of part of his decisions in his position...

maski long kros nating!!!!


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tingting tasol

Re: Re: Complain long Somare yet!!

March 14 2003, 11:24 AM 

Yeah! People are entitled to their opinions especially if somehting fishy is going on. However I think that Somare has appointed her daughter as a PR officer because she has a degree in Journalism from Divine Ward Uni. His daughter also runs a newspaper thing in Madang not sure if it is a business whereby she is the editor. If she is qualified as her degree states, then I don't see anything wrong with her appointment to the job as a PR officer.

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Papa Somare sta wade yu nating tru!!

March 14 2003, 12:15 PM 

Pakin yupla complain naubaut long wonem....long live the chief..papa Somare sta wade yu nating tru!...bai yupla stopim! laikim yu Somare nading dru...yu stap na mipela stap....nogat bai ol waitman pulim PNG long neck olsem ol karabus blong Bomana.

Go on.... Rock the boat chief!...hoooooooooolalala

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Wawen wosik

Re: Papa Somare sta wade yu nating tru!!

March 14 2003, 12:39 PM 

Sanguma, mipela save Paps Somare has done a lot for this nation but the issue here is that is the appointment of his daughter legitimate?

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March 14 2003, 2:30 PM 




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Get your head checked

March 14 2003, 3:43 PM 

You are pyschologically not right in the head go and get it checked.

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Re: Get your head checked

March 16 2003, 7:02 PM 

I would agree so...get it checked good and proper...

Maski nau...leave them alone...at least they are doing PNG some good.

But it has to be clear that people are not complaining...it is just one of the unusual appointments...you know, I am pretty sure there are many other graduates from Divine Word in Journalism or some very experienced people in that area and probably in PR.

But hey, it's all cool now, no harm done....at least the pay gets to be put back in PNG...

Those who think we are complaining...get your heads straight...we ARE NOT!!!!...

But we are entitled to question how a daughter comes to be appointed like that...got the brains for it..got the experience...then that's it...!!!!!what more...again it would be the same thing if a CEO in a company were to appoint his daughter as personal advisor or even the secretary!!!!!


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April 2 2003, 1:28 PM 

Is you Dad somare feed you daily, You reckon he'll rock the boat while you are in the boat and even today you are in it sailing.Hope it doesn't sinks. If it sink, we'll see how you'll do it,whether you swim or sink.

You're still hang on you father two's, I wish you come out and see you want is actually meant.

Think globally ,Don't self-centered,ok. You need some good advice from your Dad somare before you come to this net ( website).

MP Cleaner.

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March 17 2003, 7:42 PM 

What is really annoying is those people who enter the politics board not to discuss political matters but to post vulger and shallow comments. And yes I know this is a free country so don't give that same overused and abused argument.

To the matter of Somare's daughter, I do hope that she was interviewed and went through the formal procedures that any other applicant for a job would have to. It would be unjust if she was chosen merely on the 'wantok system' basis, for it is exactly that which has ruined our country. If she is valid for the job, then I have no qualms and hope that she fulfills the requirements of the job satisfactrily and is not being over paid or underworked as is often the case in PNG with wantok system.

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Re: comments

March 17 2003, 9:35 PM 


on what basis should we not use "PNG being a free country"...aren't we entitled to say what we want...what is wrong about what the rest are saying, most may be misled by the information but in the end, the idea is that is doesn't look too good but if she can perform so be it...

I think it is always a good argument to put forward to people who get angry or annoyed by other people's opinions.


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March 18 2003, 5:31 PM 

My message was directed at those people who abuse the politics board, those not entering it for discussions as such but to put use vulger terms to put forward opinions that have nothing to do with the debate at hand.

The use of the pharse 'free country' is also abused. Yes we all do have the right, as citizens of a democratric country to air our views and opinions but there are different ways and channels of doing so and the politics board should not accomadate those who do not look politically at a situation but personally.

We cannot always take terms so literally, our politicians take 'parlimentary privledge' so literally that all personal affairs are thrown up in public without having any or no involvement with the actual matter being discussed.

I am not argueing here over the fact that we all as citizens of PNG have the right to freedom of speech but that we should not abuse this right and the channels provided to express them. The pharse of 'free country' should not be taken for granted.


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Re: comments

March 17 2003, 9:36 PM 

Thank you.

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April 2 2003, 2:44 PM 

HOLLA AUT 2 OL DA COMPLAINERS!!!.......Guys for a while the kina has remained stable; the best is being done for PNG (hopefully). If it is not going down em gutla. It should remain stable while ol glasman blo PNG figure out how to bring it up. As for the PM's aide; she is qualified isn't she? It ought to be the case, since if not, we'll be seeing the Ombudsman hounds after our Papa very soon. Mi les lo complain nau, larim lo Ombudsman ba skelim if it looks fishy I guarantee that we'll see some waves in the water soon.
Em Satol.

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Watchdogs' are asleep!

April 2 2003, 5:46 PM 

For a long time now I can say that it seems the 'watch dog' (ombudsment Comm.) is sleeping.

A lot of mismanagement in govt, though visible to the ordinary citizen is not seen by the dog.

I wonder why???Whooooof!

Cheers to you all!!!

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Maienduo nien

Family as social unit...

April 9 2003, 5:32 PM 

I believe its a good thing to do,especially with family running the office. Why, because all matters pertaining the national interest would be kept in-house, rather than employing outsider who may leak out information of high sensivity.

This is evident within our culture.Family unit will support you all the way when you fall from the public office. It forms a basis of security, solidarity and sense of belonging.

Thus, it is therefore, advisable that all comments in this column are invalid and should be withdrawn at all cost.

Night Dr--

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Re: Family as social unit...

April 11 2003, 11:20 AM 

Mene hanimba

ating yu lus ting ting olsem em isi long haitim ol samting tu ya.Transparent governance can not be done behind closed doors and I believe that was one of NA's pre election policy platforms.Mene not that I agree with the initial posting but am just pointing out that matters of national interest should never be done behind closed doors simply because they are of NATIONAL interest and not otherwise.


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complain maski

April 12 2003, 7:55 PM 

Yupla complain tumas lo wanem larim Somare wokim lo laek blo em. em lapun lo disla wok ya

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