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SHP is in trouble

August 25 2004 at 2:29 PM

Da mounden people like SHP love their tribal-fight-oriented cultures. This includes Enga and the lot!
I guess the SHP people have come to a better position in life to explain in a living and pictorial language da disadvantages and advantages of FIGHTING!

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What THE

August 31 2004, 12:50 PM 

Also the SHP MPs at National level can not even run their province yet they want to change the National Government. Shame on a bunch of power hungry pigs.

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September 2 2004, 4:17 AM 

Actually we kill our enemies only, noken worry about that!

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Re: no

September 2 2004, 3:01 PM 

..and the ordinary grassroots suffer.

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Why me

September 8 2004, 12:04 PM 

Yah, like mentioned on the original message, I am an Engan and I hate myself for being an Engan. I always wonder why we use fighting as means to solve most of our tribal and individual conflicts especially in places like the couple mentioned. This, I think is of course an animal sort of attitude, totally unaxceptable to human society.

Lately, I have come up with an idea to try out especially in my own tribe rather than hating the innocent "me" for such actions of those others. For those of us from these provinces should try to educate our own tribesmen & women about how we should act the humanely way rather than acting like animals and really point out what the consequences will be for acting as such. I think people act in such a manner because they are not educated enough or are not constantly being educated or not yet being exposed to the outside world.

When I tried the idea in my own little tribe, it did impact on the lifes of the people of that tribe but it took a lot more years like for my case, it took us more than 7 years but still, I need to do some more work taking another 10 or 20 years. Even our leaders from those places do not know the right thing to do because they are not yet being educated, because being an "educated person" means completely a diferent thing to being a person with an academic qualification or one who is literate.

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September 8 2004, 10:10 PM 

eh, husait sem long husait..

I am a pure highlander and i would never be ashamed of myself. Not for anyone.
Tribal fighting has been an integral part of making your point heard to the general public and that meant some innocent lives were lost and property damaged.
Fighting comes in all sorts: you look at a well established society, the richer gets richer and the poor continues to rip out his already open pocket.
teenage suicide because from bullying..high blood pressure and death from depresion...and the list rolls on. These are the norms of the well established society and these kill more people than tribal fights.
You think I am kidding, there are more highlanders than anyone else in PNG! not being big nosed..
If you are ashamed of yourself, go and shoot yourself on the foot. I pity you.
highlanders are some of the most interesting people around, if you get to know them better. hey, i am a proud PNGean..

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Re: youpela

September 8 2004, 11:48 PM 

Me, so what you're saying is, it is ok to kill human being in tribal fightings. Most of all societies around the world were involved in some sort of tribal fighting and they have all ceased hundreds of years ago because they have come to realised that killing is wrong and it is a sin. There's only one group in the world that is still involved heavily in this uncilivised sort of activity is the PNG highlanders. I am just wondering if christianity exist in the highlands region especially SHP, ENGA and WHP. If not then we should organise for some more missionaries both local and foreigner to go up and start again from square one introducing christianity. If they don't like christianity then introduce other religion more applicable to that region.

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Re: youpela

September 9 2004, 1:05 PM 

it's only the young mindless people that are involved in that sort of activities...
even organising a missionary to go up there won't work...remember they were the last people to be discovered so they still have this tribal fighting spirit inside them that its hard to let go..
might as well bomb them all and let the good ones of that province reproduce the good loving siblings....

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Re: youpela

September 11 2004, 3:55 PM 

While we still have guns pilling up below our beds. Leaders continue to ignore to address its dangers, and provoking it by buying more guns day and night.Tribal fights will never be eliminated in the highlands - with guns lying active within tribes, tribal fights are far from eliminating.

Once guns are volunteerily surrended to the Police, leaders coming together to do away with purchasing guns. There may be changes!

Look at one classic example of leaders lying to the nation and people about no guns in villages and among gang elements.

"Recently the Chariman (named)@of Gobe resources@proclaimed that there are still more guns hiding away in villages in the hands of local elements. Governor Hami Yawari qiuckly seemed fit with his usual illetrate drama-style dancing, responsed that there are no guns in rural areas with locals. Asked the chairman to apoligise to resources owners and the rural people".
Gov. Hami Yawari is a half-baked illetrate, - recently MP Balus Libe was twice held up with high-powered guns in Tari and Nipa where Hami Yawari hails. Is Yawari a leader or part of the gun-purchasing criminal elements?

This concludes that uninformed and illetrate people leading SHP, and forcusing less of curbing lawlesness and continue to protect guns from relatives and local gangs. Tribal fights will erupt anytime!

Sad scenario for SHP peace loving majority!

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Yawari provides money

October 23 2004, 9:05 PM 

Yawari provides money. He is part of the gun culture in Nipa.

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October 23 2004, 6:52 PM 

Governor Yawari is having his PEC meetings in Port Moresby since he was elected. He charters Planes to transport his PEC members down to POM. They stay in some of the five star hotels in teh city. Who is paying for this?

The so-called free education policy is a joke. It was an avenue to defraud the state. Why is Yawari paying millions of kina to Treid Pacific? Is the SHP Education Department not capable simply buying and distributing books. You dont need a consultant or facilitator to get your food from the plate into your mouth. Governor Yawari is crazy.

He doesnt even have any corporate plans for the province. he is running the province on an adhoc basis. He does not even have qualified advisors. He has a bunch of money hungry team of political cronies that have purchased houses and maried many wives.These guys do nothing but look for ways to defraud the state. They live in NCD at the cost of the SHP people. Their backyards have all been converted to mini ela motors and boroko motors.

Over to you fellow SOS to comment.

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New Forum

October 28 2004, 12:44 AM 

A new forum has been created for you SOS.

The url is:


Please speak your minds here.



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mUruvb URL

October 28 2004, 12:46 PM 

Will this site help improve da probince?

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October 29 2004, 5:23 PM 

I guese you dont want people from other provinces know know your inherent SHP problems. Its good to address issues within the province first. When your house is in order, you can get out.

I support Murumb for coming up with the forum. If you dont want it, dont bother. Mind you business.

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Hell yu

October 29 2004, 9:02 PM 

to hell with yur url, we've got planti olredi!

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February 9 2005, 10:17 AM 

Rumors are hot in town that the UPNG SHP, especially Mendi and Nipa students recived more than what they bargained for from thier rightful leader and free education pepotrastor Hamii Yawari,the other day at his waigani office. The young students hungry for better education were invited and treated to a cannibale feast inhariting his fathers and forefathers days.It is rumored that he blantly in no uncertain words/language told the students he had no money so the students can kaikai his K.... and F off. If any true why can't the concerned students instigae justces to privail.

swearing words Substitute free education. what Degree is awarded in canniblisim Mr. Yawari?

Mi sem. Sorry those students who faced the odds.

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February 10 2005, 2:21 PM 

I am in disbelieve @ the appalling biased reasonings and criticisms towards SHP by most of you unlearned half baked clowns. From what I 've read, 'Fano' for example has some serious identity crisis and needing some solem cultural readustment, 'kongobabz' just sounds ridiculously uneducated and amaturishish with her submissions to what she percieves is the problem in SHP.'Me' had the only genuine realistic retort to what yu and I already know. That the ultimate political and social state of PNG is futile, and I say PNG, because SHP is not the only one in Turmoil in every sence of the word.

Yu speak of Yawari's leadership, like he is the only uneducated fraudulent shady political crook.
Yu speak of tribal fights in the SHP, like this is a problem much to be equated with "violence", other wise defined by western society. Aggression is used to convey fear. That was our way of ridding lawlessness and introduce communal harmony.Aggression is still part of the cultural cosmetics for some highlanders, as much as yu and
I may proclaim our consternation for it, much to the reasoning that we claim to be educated therefore we know better. LOL what are joke.

For all yu so called highlanders to reiterate on the obvious serves no purpose unless yu have a line of attack in which to engage the nations issues. That's the problem these days, too many freaking Chiefs not enough Indians."Violence" as yu would put it, may have some yu believing yur ostrisized or banished from this way of life but its heritiage for some of us the way we define it not the way the wite man would have us believe otherwise. Sampla yupla, save blo white man kilim yupla onsait na het poal pinis. Wanna change the world in 80 days. gud luk, sappose nogut kaikai klutch blo Yawarii na ol lain shp na stap isi.

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nipsco naik

mi sem

February 10 2005, 3:06 PM 

nipsco nong, you just blubbering s......t out. you got no valid point of attack or reason. mi wanpela nipsco naik na mi sem tru lon pasin blo mipla nipa. we are a disgrace. what we should be doing is taking heed of the many criticms and try and turn them into positives. we just can't be 'claims' people. by the way, hami is illetearte and a clown. that's the harsh reliaty.

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Naiko yu no fit ya maski.

February 10 2005, 6:10 PM 

I am thinkin on a large scale, unlike yur narrow uneducated primary level knowledge. Even primary school kids can spell, yur a freaking disgrace. Dont call yurself nipsco naiko tu ya mi sem long tok Englis blo yu ya, Dont use big words if yu cant spell, hami illiterate or yu illiterate?, blarri saucepan het. Nogat ples blo yu ya, hami mas stilim meri blo yu or mamma blo yu na yu bagarapim em istap? We all know the already know the obvious, that he is'nt exactly leader material but I see yu have about the same level of intellect as Hami.

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7 milebeach

Please do not abuse one another on this thread

February 10 2005, 7:59 PM 

Keep on track, post will be locked if anymore insults get thrown about.


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